Tirthanand Rao has disclosed the motivations behind his phenyl consumption. During a recent Facebook live, he made an attempt to kill himself.

Tirthanand Rao, who recently made an attempt at suicide live on Facebook, has said that he has been attempting to get away from a woman who is pressuring him into making purchases. Tirthanand, commonly known as Junior Nana Patekar, used to imitate Nana Patekar on The Kapil Sharma Show.

She wants a piece of his mansion, he continued, and he recently handed her a $25,000 phone. The actor-comedian informed the news channel that he will be in the hospital for the following three to four days and said, “The poison went all over the body, but it was happily cured in time. Although I regret what I did, I had no other choice. All I want is for that woman to drop her fabricated cases and liberate me from all of this. I have used up all of my money and am unable to focus on my work.

In 2016, Tirthanand and Kapil Sharma collaborated on The Kapil Sharma Show. He participated in Comedy Circus Ke Ajoobe as well. After their public falling out with Sunil Grover, Tirthanand claimed that Kapil had offered to work with him, but Tirthanand was unable to accept.


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