Here is the first look at the Bigg Boss OTT 2 house. View the initial renderings of the season’s garden, dining room, kitchen, and bedroom.

Salman Khan will be hosting the OTT edition of Bigg Boss for the first time this season, which has fans excited. The 13 competitors who will live in the Bigg Boss house this season were first seen in a previous story. Now that the OTT channel’s Youtube account has posted the first image of the house from the interior, the eagerly anticipated house reveal is also here.

The sneak glimpse of the residence also showed what appeared to be a temporary space with a lot of pillows. BB OTT Bigg Boss was scrawled on the wall. There were various alphabets printed on the white, all-encompassing pillows. The next room was the bedroom, which had several alternative colour schemes. The ones shown in the film were red and yellow. A bunk sat atop a bed. The bathroom, which came next, was bright and colourful and had a large mirror affixed to the front. Finally, there was a glass-enclosed space close to the garden.

On June 17, Jio Cinema will begin offering free streaming of Bigg Boss OTT season 2.


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