Enthralling the industry and audiences with his pro skills as a music producer and writer.

When we glanced at several individuals’ growth we were amazed at what we saw. How one can excel tremendously in their respective field? The passion and dedication they built in themselves make them a master of their work. When we talk about the music industry there are several individuals who bought a trend of their creation in the music industry and audience’s mind. As the music industry is one of the widest platforms across the globe, it enhances a platform for an artist to perform and explore. Though on the other hand, it is an extremely competitive place to win the heart of millions of audiences by working between the gems of the industry which is by no means a cakewalk.

Meet an artist who has his own unique space in the industry. – Haig Bakhtiarian. The young artist is blessed with breath-taking writing skills to produce unique music each and every time. His passion and love for music have made him the artist which he had never thought of. His recent songs are making many strides like – Take Under Control, Right Here, Faraway, Love Me, and Fantasy. All the songs are major hits but the song – Faraway is reaching new heights each day. The success of his songs has affirmed his place in the music industry and his becoming the most familiar music artist of millions of audiences.

Currently, Haig is working on his future projects, which will be featured in near future. His fans and massive listeners are also eagerly waiting for his upcoming tracks. Which will definitely entertain the audiences as always, he does with his amazing music craft and melodious voice. The journey of the young artist is truly inspiring the patience and hard work he has shown to reach this level is remarkable. All he achieved is purely based on his talent. Haig is a self-made man moving ahead with his intangible asset named – skills, profound knowledge, and determination for his work.


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