This July, Nick Jonas’s film The Good Half, which debuted at the Tribeca Festival in June of last year, will be released in theatres.

Variety reports that Utopia has bought the film, and that on July 23 and 25, it will have a limited release in 900 theatres across North America in collaboration with Fathom Events. Additionally, a virtual Q&A featuring Jonas and filmmaker Robert Schwartzman will be available to attendees.

The Good Half, based on a synopsis, stars Jonas as Renn, an emotionally detached writer who, after years of successfully avoiding interactions with his high-strung sister (Brittany Snow), bumbling but well-meaning father (Matt Walsh), and unreliable step-father (David Arquette), returns to his hometown of Cleveland for his beloved mother’s funeral. While in town, he befriends Alexandra Shipp, a gregarious and vivacious stranger who makes him realise that he cannot live a life devoid of conflict, either with his family or with himself.

Known for his work with the band Rooney and for his roles in films like The Princess Diaries, Schwartzman has directed two films before.

Although Jonas has starred in a number of stage musicals, such as Les Misérables’ Gavroche and Marius, this is the first feature film in which he has taken the lead role.

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