Introducing the job of playing music

Play one or more musical instruments as a soloist, accompanist, or as a member of an orchestra, band, or other band

Introducing the job of playing music

    Practice performing with a musical instrument alone or with other musicians in order to master musical pieces or maintain and develop skills

    Performing in front of an audience at concerts, solos, educational presentations and other social gatherings

    Expertise in performing with a family of musical instruments or a specific type of music

    Playing musical instruments as a soloist or as a guest member or artist in a band such as an orchestra, ensemble or band

    Performing pieces of music without prior preparation during practice and review


    Fine Arts: The science of theories and techniques needed to make, produce or perform musical works, dance, visual arts, plays and sculpture

    English: Knowledge of the structure and content of English, including the meaning and spelling of words, rules of composition and grammar.


    Auditory sensitivity: The ability to recognize and express differences in sounds that vary in pitch and pitch

Working for the general public or working with the general public: This style of activity involves direct customer service in a restaurant or shop and customer reception.

    Creating and maintaining interpersonal relationships: Developing constructive and cooperative relationships with others and maintaining them over time

    Identify goals, actions, and events: Identify information by grouping, estimating, identifying differences and similarities, and discovering changes in environmental conditions or events

    Information processing: collection, coding, classification, calculation, tabulation, inspection and verification.

    Decision Making and Problem Solving: Analyzing information and evaluating results to select the best solution and problem solving

What characters are suitable for this job?

     Art: Art jobs often involve working with shapes, designs and patterns. These jobs often require self-actualization, and the work can be done without following a specific rule.

    Bold (Merchant): Bold jobs are often involved in setting up and advancing projects. Such jobs can involve leading others and making many decisions. Sometimes they need to take risks and often deal with trades.

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