Emir Kaya, the Iranian investor, and entrepreneur is attracting attention as a digital entrepreneur and art collector but hidden in his portfolio of investments, his furniture brand, Nomanzi, is growing at a rapid pace in Iran and abroad.

Founded by entrepreneur and digital art collector, Emir Kaya (@the.EmirKaya), Nomanzi Furniture is a minimalistic and space-efficient furniture collection. Nomanzi furniture represents pleasing art in a way that suits these days’ modern lives. The Nomanzi collection consists of various categories such as bed, wardrobe, desk, and so on. The interesting point about Nomanzi products is their simultaneous multiple usages. For instance, Nomanzi’s wooden shoe cabinet storage bench with a seat cushion is both beautiful and space-efficient.

From A Carpet Weaving Family to Nomanzi

Emir Kaya’s interest in art came from his mother. Emir’s mother was a carpet weaver and from a young age, he was helping his mom with the designs and sketches. He was always attracted to art but never got the chance to professionally enter the industry as a player. Therefore, while he worked in the finance and programming domain, he finally had the chance to enter the art world and so he started collecting art works and creating Kaya Collection and also founded Nomanzi furniture and decoration brand.

Favorable market locally and more importantly Emir Kaya’s interest in interior design, made the furniture industry one of his choices to create a new business so Nomanzi, Emir’s first investment in furniture and decoration, was founded in 2018. Using the art of notable designers, employing experienced staff, equipping the factory with the best equipment, and making products using the best raw materials, have made Nomanzi a prominent brand in the office and home furniture industry and a suitable choice for all people in any position.

“Each Nomanzi product has its own unique philosophy, technique, and beauty. Nomanzi is not about creating high-quality products but about inspiring people to dream more about their surrounding spaces in home and office. Therefore, a splendid amount of time is spent on the design and manufacturing techniques and materials come next, when we try to add a new product to our line of products. Creating products that cause personal attachments and inspire to dream more, is the biggest joy and challenge in Nomanzi at the same time.” says Emir Kaya.

Emir Kaya, is not only known for his skills in business or programming but also for his superior taste in art. Emir kaya’s passion for art also led him to create one of the most valuable NFT art collections called “Kaya Collection”. Kaya Collection is a collection of modern, contemporary, and collectible works of art that made headlines with some high-profile valuable acquisitions in 2020 and 2021.

Nomanzi’s Vision For the Future

These days, Nomanzi remains a leading brand in the furniture and decoration industry, a brand that continues to expand in scope with the involvement of well-known and prominent designers in the design of its products.

Emir Kaya’s interest in development has led to the expansion of Nomanzi outside of the country, and Nomanzi products are also offered in showrooms and shops in Istanbul.

“The future of Nomanzi is bright because what we inspire in people across the globe is a universal phenomenon and that’s the spirit of art and beauty. We aspire people to higher imaginations and to rely on our ability to offer them products with higher standards in the market, so we are planning to grow fast in the new markets in the near future and evolve into a global brand,” says Emir Kaya, founder, and CEO of Nomanzi furniture.

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