Shopping is something every person loves to do. Ask any layman, and they would not deny the fact. While there is a list of never-ending places to shop, but the real and hardcore shopaholics won’t be satisfied by any place. We are always on the hunt for an exhibition that has a variety of options to choose from and make us feel that every penny spent was worth it. Recently, there was a launch of the fashion and lifestyle exhibition, Firdaus that was held at DLF Promenade in New Delhi.

The exhibition brought the high-end influencers and celebrated names under one roof. Firdaus saw dignitaries like Mrs. Karmia Kadiri, spouse of Mohamed Maliki, Ambassador of His Majesty the King of Morocco to India in attendance. Moroccan cuisine was very well curated by expert chefs of the renowned Seven Seas Hospitality group. Along with them the event also saw diplomats and officials of the embassy of the kingdom of Morocco in India. The exquisite exhibition was curated by Mrs. Swati Suri and Mrs. Vineeta Narang.

Bringing the extravagant Moroccan experience to life, the main aim of introducing Firdaus was to launch it as an upcoming brand platform. Many businesses from different fields endorsed their products and services, and this lively event was graced by DLF style director Bhavna Singh. Among other prominent personalities from the fashion, food and lifestyle industry were , Ankita Rai Tiwari, Gopika Midha, Nikhita Tandon, Harpreet Suri, Suryaveer and Pooja Gogia to name a few.

This event was held on September 9 and was undeniably a star-studded evening with notable personalities attending from different walks of life. Moreover, the grandeur of the event was highly appreciated by the guests. The food, ambience and performances at the event were a sight to behold, and it was nothing less than a majestic event.

Mrs. Swati and Mrs. Vineeta, the pioneers behind bringing Firdaus to existence were overwhelmed with the response the launch event has got so far. “We are glad that the launch event has got a great reception from one and all. With this exhibition, we intend to help businesses endorse different products and services under the same umbrella”, the duo revealed. All in all, Firdaus brought the Moroccan culture to India with this one-of-a-kind experience for everyone.

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