“I am very hopeful of winning a world medal with the regular and harsh training I have been through,” said bronze medalist Sanshu Asia on the eve of the World Youth Wushu Championships in Malaysia. In an interview with a sports reporter, Farzaneh Dehghani said: “The most powerful and famous wushu teams in the world will be present in the first round of the World Youth Championships.” Therefore, winning a medal in these competitions will be very difficult and will require serious determination and courage. However, we are not disappointed in prevailing and we will do our best to win a place in these competitions. She continued: “We have been through a regular and heavy camp training for about three months, and for this reason, we will appreciate these efforts with high readiness.” During this time, we performed various bodybuilding and technical exercises under the supervision of four or even five coaches, and now we are fully prepared to compete with our opponents. The Asian bronze medalist stated: “We faced some problems in our first and second camps; Fortunately, with the coordination and support of the authorities, the situation of the camps became more suitable gradually. We did not have any serious issues during this time, and the Wushu Federation officials did their best to support the nationalists. I hope that we will respond to their efforts by flourishing in these competitions. Dehghani further told ISNA: “We must defend the reputation of Iranian women’s wushu; for this reason, we should not withhold any effort in the Malaysian competitions.

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