Learn more about the Liberian star BobbyJayTV

Bob Jacobs, better know by his stage name BobbyJayTV is a Liberian American entrepreneur. His great work ethic has gotten him on a live TV interview with the Senate of New Hampshire Kevin Avard in 2018 which strives him to work even harder to promote himself.

He is known for being a humble and ambitious person. Thus, that brought him to be in a position to be on tour around public figures like Davido, Armon and Trey. At a young age he knew that the basic 9 to 5 job wasn’t going to cut it for him which sparked his entrepreneurial mindset. Having a clear vision he has always worked hard to achieve his goals whether it be with music, fitness or creating content.

Working towards your dream is something that many people want to do but don’t actually succeed, in BobbyJayTV’s case he is outworking everyone. Knowing exactly what he wants, in the future he sees himself as an entrepreneurial mogul making millions to support himself along with his family.

There’s no doubt that hard work pays off and BobbyJayTV is a perfect example of that.

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Wholesale Nitrile Gloves: Your One Stop Shop For Protective Gear

Creating a safe and healthy workplace is one of the biggest concerns for establishments within every industry. Neglecting the protective wear within the workplace is highly dangerous to establishments and everyone within them. 

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They carry many products but their nitrile gloves have been their most successful product, they are made of superior quality and are sold in high volumes. Nitrile is a chemical-resistant and puncture-resistant material, among the best kinds of gloves available for purchase. Nitrile gloves are also ideal for those who need to avoid latex due to allergies. Any medical worker, dentist, mechanic, or food handler can comb through the assortment of different colored gloves and find the best ones for them. 

Anyone who prefers another material can choose from their latex gloves, vinyl gloves, and TPE gloves. Whatever line of work you are in and whatever task you have at hand, this is your best option for staying safe.

They cater to many different types of people which is why they also have glove options for food contact, medical and civilian masks, face shields, isolation gowns, disinfectants, and more. They carry such a large variety of products in order to provide the perfect experience for their customers.

Wholesale Nitrile Gloves provides all the different types of protective gear that you would need to make any place safe and healthy. They provide nationwide shipping from their offices in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami.
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From Bitter to Sweet: Offering Hope for “Hostile” Canines

Benny the pitbull was born on the streets of Philadelphia and was secured in a cage at a young age due to his behavioral issues.

He cowers at the corner of his cage, growling and baring his teeth at anybody who approaches him while various other dogs at the animal shelter wag their tails whenever potential adopters approached. Ultimately, Benny’s fear and aggression was perceived as intimidating and frightening and hurt his chances of being adopted into a forever home.

Being classified an aggressive dog in a congested pet shelter either condemns the animal to a life sentence in a cage or euthanization. According to The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, nearly 670,000 of the 3.3 million pets that are in shelters are annually euthanized, usually due to being considered “hostile”.

It appeared that Benny was headed for death row. However, word of his struggles reached the Lehigh Area Humane Society in Allentown last month, wherein a brand-new humane program was proposed in order to transform even the most ill-mannered dogs into great, obedient pets.

“The habits that I saw when I met Benny, particularly the barking and growling, that was anxiety,” claimed Lucas Holland, a qualified pet dog instructor that just recently joined the Humane Culture’s personnel. “Yet to the average individual, barking appears like aggression. He initially seems like a frightening pet.”

Volunteers brought Benny to the Humane Culture where, and under Holland’s advice and supervision, he was allowed to go on a stroll with a chain and kept in line with simple commands.

Slowly, as he started to trust more in humans, his growling and cowering reduced significantly and soon, the 3-year old grey and white pittie was ready for adoption!

“It’s outstanding what Lucas and his team have actually accomplished with dogs like Benny,” stated Deirdre Snyder, the Humane Society’s director of growth, “He’s literally saving their lives.”

Holland, 33, of Germansville, has actually enjoyed working with dogs for as long as he can bear in mind, yet has not been sure exactly how to transform his hobby right into a profession. That altered previously this year, when Facebook video clips of Holland training his 5 pets captured the interest of Hal Warner, the Humane Culture’s executive supervisor.

“They were remarkable to watch. I kept tabs on his video clips as he updated them over the following couple of months and I just grew progressively curious about the idea of bringing a licensed trainer onboard at LCHS,” Warner said.

Unlike other animal sanctuaries, the Lehigh Region Humane Culture accepts pit bulls and other breeds that have a history of hostility and aggressive behavior. These seemingly vicious canines simply lack basic training or require special care because they have experienced trauma in the past, however, this behavior should not be their death sentence:” Many of these pets, like Shiba Inus, are fantastic animals yet don’t ‘show’  it well since they have never been given a genuine chance at life.

Including an area specifically for pet dog training program was among Warner’s long-term objectives for the independent nonprofit, which has moved much of its focus in recent times to rehabilitating animals and helping them find forever homes; as well as, campaigning for a low-priced neighborhood veterinary clinic that will help trap, neuter, and return feral pet cats. Last month, the shelter reached a turning point of sterilizing 1,000 free-roaming pet cats with the help of the volunteer group Let’s Catch Around the Lehigh Valley, preventing the births of tens of thousands of kittycats in the Allentown area.

Warner reached out to Holland to discuss beginning a pet dog training program. Holland told him that his objective in life was to open a dog training academy. Additionally, as a result of the pandemic, he would certainly just lose his task as an individual treatment assistant, so he was readily available quickly.

“It really was destiny,” Warner stated.

Holland started as a kennel technician while he finished the 300 hours of training, which were needed to become certified through the Certification Council for Professional Pet Trainers. He is currently investing his time and efforts into collaborating with dogs like Tootsie Roll, a 4-month-old pit bull mix that was separated from her mother too young, and therefore, developed behavior problems, like snapping and growling at other dogs.

“She was in a foster home, however it really did not work out with the household’s pet, as well as they returned her” remarked Holland, as Tootsie Roll ran excitedly around the Humane Society’s exterior backyard on a recent afternoon. “She needs to learn socialization from her mother and other littermates, yet since she hasn’t, we need to teach her, or she will continue her self-destructive cycle.”

Maintaining Canines in Home

Holland creates an individualized and personal training program for each canine, which he and staff members Jennifer Ganey, Angel Vega and Julio Ruiz direct the canines with to rehabilitate their behavior. The pet’s actions are examined on a daily basis, and they must constantly be monitored and vetted prior to them obtaining the green light to satisfy adopters.

According to a 2015 ASPCA research, about 6% of family pets– about 6.1 million animals over 5 years– were “rehomed” after being adopted. While real estate issues among pet owners who lease is one of the most prevalent factors for rehoming, behavior concerns are high on the listing of reasons individuals surrender their dogs. The company aims to end that issue, as well as avoidance programs, like pet dog training classes that could boost retention rates. Furthermore, informing potential adopters about canine habits might also aid acclimation to their homes according to the scientists at Tufts College Center for Sanctuary Dogs.

Allowing site visitors know that some pets may behave aggressively in feedback to the stress and anxiety of remaining in a shelter, while others may do repeated habits, bark much more or have shower room concerns will aid adopters understand that most sanctuary dogs’ bad manners are temporary. Holland hopes the Lehigh County Humane Culture’s brand-new training program will certainly transform the outcomes of the shelter dogs that the majority of people have surrendered on.

“I believe humans can be worthy of a second chance, as well as these dogs are entitled to a second chance,” he said, “They have a lot of love to provide.”.


Mackenzie Couch, and how she has risen high in the Hollywood ranks

Mackenzie Couch has appeared on some of TV’s biggest shows with millions of viewers and has hundreds of thousands of social media followers. She’s constantly in demand from networks like ABC, HBO, and others. As a busy teenager, she would have no time for even an occasional tutor, given that her career is already set up for her, right?

Except Mackenzie is one of the most dedicated, full-time students you will ever meet. Not only does she take education very seriously, she attends school full-time.

Mackenzie Couch is an acting and dancing prodigy from California by way of Michigan. The lifestyle of any child celebrity like Mackenzie is a very intense and complicated life with little room for relaxation (and less room for mistakes), and many child stars have a hard time figuring out how to mix education with their careers. But in the midst of incredible success that would put pressure on anybody, Mackenzie has been the perfect example of “young Hollywood.” She attends school full-time while fulfilling big career dreams on some of TV’s biggest shows.

In an interview with Close-Up Culture, Mackenzie explains,

Q: You’ve appeared on ‘Modern Family’ and ‘Fresh Off The Boat’. Do you have any fun memories from your time on these big TV sets? 

A: Yes, so many! Fresh Off The Boat you can actually see me in the same scene twice! That’s some crazy editing, haha.

Modern Family was a big scene with Eric Stonestreet, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Aubrey Anderson-Emmons. It took awhile to film because they laugh a lot on set and we were actually all just having so much fun I don’t think we wanted it to be over.

Her mother, Christie, explains,

“We moved to LA when Mackenzie was just 10 years old. She signed with an agency right away. Since then she has danced in music videos for Nia Sioux and has appeared in 2 episodes of Fresh Off The Boat, has also appeared on Modern Family, Our People, and the HBO series, Insecure. She was SAG-eligible at the young age of 12 years old. Mackenzie attends the very prestigious Orange County School Of The Arts full-time in the commercial dance conservatory. Mackenzie and her sisters just appeared on the cover of The Teen Magazine and have another cover coming out in December.”

Given her experience with TV’s, Modern Family and Fresh Off The Boat, Mackenzie herself explains,

“Filming both of those shows was an amazing experience. Modern Family was such a funny scene that it took awhile to get and Fresh Off The Boat was so good that I was just invited back for another episode.”

Mackenzie and her parents have made education something of a priority, as the foundation for anything else Mackenzie does, even though it may not always have the glamour and flash of being on TV. 

She’ll be fine.

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HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH SPOTLIGHT: Renee Pinedo, of AAG Auto Glass & Tint, Supports Hispanic Youth.

Renee Pinedo, CEO of AAG Auto Glass & Tint, has been a fixture in the Tucson community for 15 years. For the last eight years, he has been a dedicated sponsor of the Casa de los Niños toy drive, which uplifts the Hispanic community. 

“Casa de los Niños has a presence in our community that means so much more than I can put in words. I have supported their Toy Drive for the last eight years because toys are not just gifts; they give joy–and happiness is invaluable. I feel like we can never do enough for children; they are truly our future,” says  Renee Pinedo, CEO of AAG Auto Glass & Tint of Tucson, Arizona.

About Casa de los Niños

Casa de los Niños partners with families so that every child can be raised in a healthy home. In the last fiscal year, their programs served over 6,000 children and over 4,000 families, which is a testament to the great need. Their success is due to the efforts and dedication of over 300 employees, along with a corps of community volunteers who work together to comprise a formidable team dedicated to making child wellbeing and family stability the norm throughout the community.

About AAG Auto Glass & Tint

Founded by a proud military veteran, AAG Auto Glass & Tint is a trusted auto accessory and commercial/residential auto glass shop in Tucson. This family-owned company has been in business for the past four generations and provides quality, fast service to its customers throughout Arizona and nationwide. As with most family-owned businesses, when you visit the shop you get a “family” feeling. 

AAG Supports Families, the Military, Students, and Local Heroes. 

AAG Auto Glass & Tint goes a step further each year in supporting families from the community through various charity events and sponsorships. 

In addition to supporting the community through charity, AAG Auto Glass & Tint always offers a special discount to their local heroes, military personnel, and students. Doing so is their way of saying thank you to the Tucson community that has supported them for 15 years. 

Finally, but just as importantly, AAG Auto Glass & Tint treats its customers the way they would want to be treated–with stellar customer service–at their body shop in Tucson, because their customers are their heroes.

AAG Auto Glass & Tint Contact Info: :

AAG Glass & Tint is a family, veteran-owned-and-operated business in Tucson, AZ.

Call Us:  (520) 254.6738

Visit Us: 227 South Kino Pkwy, Tucson, AZ. 85719. 

Email Us:


How to Leverage Co-Dex Cosmos Noncustodial Defi Trading Platform

In 2020 decentralized exchanges (dex) have grown quite mature compared to just a few years ago. One specific dex gathering a lot of steam this year in the defi world is Uniswap, a trading platform that held $1.3 billion locked in value and dominated most defi applications by over 18% Friday evening. The following review is a detailed explainer of what Co-dex is and how to leverage the dex using a Cosmos wallet

Co-Dex is easy to use: User Friendly Interface

Whether you are a retail investor or a day trader, you always want your trading platform to be fast and very easy to use and interact with. Co-dex offers a simple yet very powerful to use. At present there are many crypto exchanges which are offering such great services but they all are built on centralised technology. However Co-Dex is a Defi platform, a DEX (Decentralised Crypto Exchange) built on Cosmos Blockchain to facilitate 100% decentralization and security. Thus, this currency-neutral exchange will let the users develop connectivity with different cryptocurrencies and trade in a hassle-free manner by using this platform.

USP’s of Co-Dex

Imagine trading without any Transaction Fee, Yes this comes true with Co-dex now. Co-dex offers a “NO FEE” policy which is best among the users/traders’ interests. The presence of the smart contract facilitates direct trading among the users, therefore, it is quite evident by now why a decentralized crypto exchange Co-Dex will become the first choice for every trading.

As you deal with the securities and want to earn more efficiently, an ideal trading platform is the first need. The third-parties connected with most of the sites really make every instant more troublesome and inconvenient. However, this product of the Codex Foundation srl is invented only to support more traders in successful trading. The DeFi platform is an example of a terrific future ahead. Co-Dex will provide you with the highest level of security and will give you complete assurance regarding transparency. Along with the Ethereum tokens, you will also get the golden chance to use the innovative features of the cross-blockchain. The user-friendly approach of Co-Dex will make more enthusiasts join online trading.

Features to Leverage with Co-dex Defi Trading Platform

Here we list the main beneficial features that a trader will definitely be interested in trying it out. They are;-

  • Yield Farming Concept (YFC similar to Uniswap)
  • Decentralized Crypto Exchange built on Cosmos (just like IDEX build on Ethereum)
  • No Fee Defi Marketplace
  • Liquidity pools
  • Hack-proof
  • Non-custodial Fund

Once again, the non-custodial nature of Co-DEXs means that funds are under your own control, and no central authorities can freeze or lose your access to them. If the exchange goes down tomorrow, your funds will be unaffected as you’ve retained possession of them.

Co-dex initiative is to protect the interests of all these investors and make them aware of the benefits of Decentralized exchanges. As Co-Dex is a zero fees platform, you can invest in a stress-free manner in a completely secured framework. You can be well-acquainted with Ledger and Metamask in your daily trading activities. However, your professional and innovative platform has all the integrated and compatible features of both of them. Thus, a user can avail of all the required benefits by making appropriate applications of this outstanding framework.


Centralized exchanges are classed as money service providers (MSPs) in many jurisdictions, meaning that customers are required to undergo mandatory know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) checks. In many cases, however, people are reluctant to provide their private information to third party entities, because they have no control over what happens with their data and to which authorities — domestic or foreign — gain insight.

Decentralized exchanges like Co-Dex, on the other hand, aren’t under any central control; therefore, there are often no registration requirements for using the exchange beyond having a wallet address.

Financial inclusiveness

Co-Dex offers a way for individuals in any location to trade cryptocurrencies, as they aren’t run by a centralized authority that can be subjected to a shutdown order. Investors can invest as little as they want to benefit from trading activities, and the peer-to-peer transaction costs are much lower than those on traditional exchanges.


The concept of the DEX is still gaining traction, as the cryptocurrency community recognizes their benefits amid ongoing hacks and incidents involving centralized exchanges. However, overall, the DEX is a closer fit with the decentralized ideology of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Perhaps it’s only a matter of time before the rise of the DEX consigns centralized exchanges to the history books.


How Austin Walker Built an Airbnb Empire

In 2020, there’s no limit to what someone can do to make something out of nothing. All it takes is a little bit of ingenuity, grit, and making the right moves.

Most people aren’t willing to take the chance, risk, or effort needed to do these things. Even fewer of them are willing to reinvent themselves after life-altering circumstances like prison, being sabotaged by business partners, and more.

Austin Walker’s one of the exceptions.

Austin Walker has slowly and steadily built an empire of Airbnb homes, generating increasing profits each month from giving people a great place to stay on a trip or vacation.

Sometimes winning means picking a lane and working in it. And thus far, Austin has steadily built a collection of over 150 Airbnb’s worldwide.

“I just needed a space that I could win in and I happened upon Airbnb,” explains Austin.

He’s fought through significant adversity involving personal history, prison, and business-partner struggles, and over time this helped him develop grit and determination. “I just trusted my vision and knew that my formula could work if I just pushed through.” 

Sometimes getting the right formula, then doubling down and making it work again and again is all that’s required to break through into entrepreneurial success. “I had a game to play everyday and I became addicted to it. Within a year I had 12 apartments and was making over $20,000 a month in profit.”

Building something from nothing, bearing the risk, and persevering is the essence of entrepreneurship. The world is filled with people who are willing to take risks or think that they haven’t done enough or that they don’t deserve success, people who stay complacent and live a life of unfulfilled potential. Austin Walker is the exact opposite, and he’s just getting started.


To discover live sports and TV shows, Google is upgrading ‘search’ to make it simpler

With an apparently ever-expanding number of link and real time features, essentially making sense of where to watch that one live occasion or show has become its own test. So with an end goal to help cut down on the noise, Google is updating Google Search with some new highlights to assist you with finding live sports, shows, and movies.

For fans of the NBA and MLB, finding a game will be as basic as composing something like, “Where to watch the Clippers game” into Google Search. From that point, Google will introduce a rundown of TV channels at present facilitating the activity.

In the event that you simply scan for something like “Dodgers game,” nearby Google’s run of the mill results—which incorporates data like live scores, a group’s timetable, and current standings—there will likewise be another “Live on” button that should surface different survey alternatives.

While Google’s new quest redesigns just work for basketball and baseball for the present, Google say it intends to include more groups later on. Moreover, while Google is generally surfacing live TV channels right now, the company additionally plans to incorporate information that features more advanced streaming choices “soon.”

With respect to ordinary live TV shows and movies, following the new proposal instrument added to Search a year ago, Google is including another merry go round of substance that presentations live feeds from different link and communicate suppliers.

These feeds ought to be moderately exceptional, so in case you’re searching for something that is going on the present moment, there’s a decent possibility it will be highlighted in the carousel.

Furthermore, when you scan for shows on your cell phone utilizing phrases like, “what to watch” or “great shows to watch,” Google Search will give data to both live TV and streaming alternatives.

On head of that, Google will even separate between content that is as of now live and forthcoming programming utilizing the “On TV now” and “On TV later” headers, so in case you’re attempting to design out a night of binge watching, you can make sense of which shows you should observe first.

While Google’s update to Search may not thoroughly remove the disappointment from finding where to observe live sports or movies (particularly for cord-cutters who might not have link), it’s ideal to see Google Search adjust better to our increasingly associated lives.


Google Maps comes back to the Apple Watch and gets the significant CarPlay feature

Google has declared its most recent update for Google Maps on iOS, bringing two significant highlights: support for CarPlay’s best in class include, just as the arrival of an Apple Watch application for the route stage.

The two augmentations are an invited change for clients who are immovably inside the Apple environment, yet who want to utilize Google’s mapping application rather than Apple’s.

On the off chance that you missed it the first run through around, know this present: Apple’s CarPlay highlights a moderately new Dashboard Mode that showed up in iOS 13 a year ago.

With this, organizations can offer their clients support for a split-screen UI in CarPlay that presents the application close by utilities like schedule information and music controls.

In a blog entry on Monday, Google said that its Google Maps application at long last backings CarPlay’s Dashboard Mode, giving clients access to this helpful and seemingly essential split-screen highlight.

With this help, clients are given a guide indicating their route course close by a headings card, those joined by another card including some other utility like music controls.

Joining the CarPlay split-screen bolster comes the arrival of a Google Maps application for Apple Watch. Obviously, this application furnishes Apple Watch clients with access to their route data straightforwardly on their wrist, making it simpler for clients who are strolling or taking certain different sorts of transportation like trains to get to their goal.

The refreshed application gives access to spared goals and different client determined alternate routes, appearance time evaluates, and composed bearings with separation.

Clients can utilize their iPhone to initially begin the navigation, at that point put it in their pocket and get the route direction on their wrist.


Violent storms on Jupiter can create ‘mashballs’ falling from the sky

Thunderstorms on Jupiter are strong to such an extent that they make ammonia-rich hail known as “mushballs” that may fall from the sky.

New perceptions of Jupiter from NASA’s Juno rocket couldn’t just radically change our comprehension of the gas mammoth, yet additionally of goliath planet airs when all is said in done, which are to a great extent made of gas and are dependent upon a lot higher weights than what we know about on Earth.

Thunderstorms on Jupiter and Earth do make them thing in like manner: these common wonders move water about in the airs of the two planets. On Jupiter, the thunderstorms are considered 31 miles (50 km) beneath the noticeable groups and tempests on the planet, where temperatures are near the freezing point of water.

A portion of these storms are ground-breaking to such an extent that they whisk gem water-ice into the planet’s upper climate.

Specialists discharged their work in three papers: two papers in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets (accessible here and here) just as a paper in Nature. Quickly, the three papers propose the accompanying about tempests in Jupiter’s climate:

Juno showed up at Jupiter precisely four years prior, on July 4, 2016, to more readily comprehend the inception and advancement of the planet.

Juno’s discoveries not just educate our comprehension regarding nearby planetary group planets yet in addition gas goliath exoplanets, particularly those of a comparative size and arrangement history to planets in our solar system.