Mackenzie Couch has appeared on some of TV’s biggest shows with millions of viewers and has hundreds of thousands of social media followers. She’s constantly in demand from networks like ABC, HBO, and others. As a busy teenager, she would have no time for even an occasional tutor, given that her career is already set up for her, right?

Except Mackenzie is one of the most dedicated, full-time students you will ever meet. Not only does she take education very seriously, she attends school full-time.

Mackenzie Couch is an acting and dancing prodigy from California by way of Michigan. The lifestyle of any child celebrity like Mackenzie is a very intense and complicated life with little room for relaxation (and less room for mistakes), and many child stars have a hard time figuring out how to mix education with their careers. But in the midst of incredible success that would put pressure on anybody, Mackenzie has been the perfect example of “young Hollywood.” She attends school full-time while fulfilling big career dreams on some of TV’s biggest shows.

In an interview with Close-Up Culture, Mackenzie explains,

Q: You’ve appeared on ‘Modern Family’ and ‘Fresh Off The Boat’. Do you have any fun memories from your time on these big TV sets? 

A: Yes, so many! Fresh Off The Boat you can actually see me in the same scene twice! That’s some crazy editing, haha.

Modern Family was a big scene with Eric Stonestreet, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Aubrey Anderson-Emmons. It took awhile to film because they laugh a lot on set and we were actually all just having so much fun I don’t think we wanted it to be over.

Her mother, Christie, explains,

“We moved to LA when Mackenzie was just 10 years old. She signed with an agency right away. Since then she has danced in music videos for Nia Sioux and has appeared in 2 episodes of Fresh Off The Boat, has also appeared on Modern Family, Our People, and the HBO series, Insecure. She was SAG-eligible at the young age of 12 years old. Mackenzie attends the very prestigious Orange County School Of The Arts full-time in the commercial dance conservatory. Mackenzie and her sisters just appeared on the cover of The Teen Magazine and have another cover coming out in December.”

Given her experience with TV’s, Modern Family and Fresh Off The Boat, Mackenzie herself explains,

“Filming both of those shows was an amazing experience. Modern Family was such a funny scene that it took awhile to get and Fresh Off The Boat was so good that I was just invited back for another episode.”

Mackenzie and her parents have made education something of a priority, as the foundation for anything else Mackenzie does, even though it may not always have the glamour and flash of being on TV. 

She’ll be fine.

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