Manu Dhaumya is the force behind the very successful and multiple award winning organization called UNITED AGAINST BULLIES which is based in Shinfield, Reading.

We need people like him in our society now more than ever. His passion and his vision to make our society bully-free is admirable.

He wants our society to be more kinder and more tolerant so we can pass the same to our kids and influence them to be kind with other kids. He has young kids himself and he knows the importance of getting them protected from bullies as well.

Manu’s way of dealing with kids who have been bullied has been widely praised. His approach and attitude and the way he deals with schools and school authorities is very straight forward.

According to him bullying should be a crime.

The kids who matter should have an opinion and we need to have stricter laws against the bullies. That is the only way it will deter the bullies.
Manu and his organization have been awarded many awards and lots of coverage in the papers.

It’s refreshing to see someone with a fresh perspective towards eradicating this evil from our society.

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Ingrid Hudson

Ingrid is a singer/songwriter and guitarist. She is also fantasy author. She is noted for her distinctive style. She writes in a humorous way: Her characters never walk, they clump along, or when someone complains (in a flying machine) that flight is impossible, the other characters agree and show her why she’s right!

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