A young entrepreneur starting as early as a 12 year old, earned his first pay check of $5K. Diego simply struck a deal between his father and the property owner in a school bus and this was very motivating to a 12 year old business enthusiast. He even went on to buy his first house at the age of 15. However, he lost that home to foreclosure 2 years later.

Diego Aponte, based in Tampa Florida acquired most of his wealth through real estate and wholesaling. No stranger to starting businesses, he made his first profit in 1st grade by selling tapes and CDs. He would get song requests from other students, go to his family home, record them and sell them for profit. He read the book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ as early as in 6th grade, which is all about making money and smart investing. Diego graduated from high school and got a job of inspections on REO properties.

Soon he quit that job to source inventory for a hedge fund in Miami. He sold all the scrap gold he had saved up, took all the cash he had and invested it. He bought a property for $13k and was able to sell to the hedge fund for $20k. From there on, he would flip properties to other hedge funds, investors, investor groups, remodel them and sell to families. Today, Diego owns over $50 million in real estate assets. He’s been involved in over $1 billion worth of real estate transactions and is currently builds homes and multi family properties internationally and in different parts of the US.

Diego has gone through his own struggles and challenges which have only made him stronger. His childhood saw poverty and roughness. Being the oldest among his siblings, he became mature and responsible at a very young age. He spent his time in low income neighbourhoods which made him crave ambition and planted a seed in him to work hard and earn money. He also lived in Puerto Rico and worked at a hardware store and a farm for $25 USD a week.

Diego’s father introduced him to real estate and he spent summers with his father, working along side him, finding homes for sale and learning every aspect of the business. He greatly appreciates this time and believes this built his expertise which followed immense money today.

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