NOVA Southeastern graduate and musical artist, Vince Lajan, is the oldest among his 3 siblings and was brought up by a single mother. The times were difficult with him having only 100$ in his bank account.

Today times have changed drastically with Vince coaching and managing Amazon accounts for clients for 6 years and leading a team of 400 people who are working with several hundred stores doing $6-10 million in sales every month.

Vince Lajan is a multimillionaire who has crafted a virtual mastermind to teach students the steps to build a multiple 7-figure E-COM business like him. The mastermind believes in taking up a project and scaling it rather than jumping from project to project. The successful man has been sharing his journey on various platforms from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, to Twitter.

Vince believes success is always in the mind. The key to success is developing a thriving and successful mindset. Businesses cannot run on negative attitudes as thoughts become things.

Obstacles are bound to come in every business but the right mindset will take you beyond them and lay the path to success. Vince has always believed in himself and worked on his skills to become a multi millionaire today.

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