Detroit rapper Persia Grai is back! After more than one year of secretive silence around the Michigan wonder kid, sources close to the artist have confirmed that he is back in the studio, working on his new project.

At the beginning of the century, a teenage Michael Greene was sharing festival stages with Big Sean and the Detroit rap elite, leaving crowds and audiences dazzled with his tight and complex flows.

The artist who’s also known to ghost write for a variety of established artist limited his own releases to single tracks here and there, with most of them generating hundred thousands of plays.

In 2017 his song “Juice” turned him into a Soundcloud legend over night, going viral.

Multiple successful single tracks later, Persia Grai released his to date latest sign of life “Dark Magician” in early 2019. It’s been quiet around the bilingual talent ever since.

Now multiple sources around the artist have confirmed that Michael Greene has spent hours, days and nights in the studio recently.

A single source also hinted at multiple projects being in the making, raising hopes for the artist’s full length debut.

Although the LP seems to have lost its attractiveness in 2020, it seems a very fitting format for someone with a story as unique and heartfelt as Persia Grai.

All speculations aside, we are excited to hear and see him doing what he does best again. Persia Grai is the opposite of the opportunist artist that comes up in 2020.

So we’re hoping the drought will be over soon.

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