Running more than one business is challenging, but it is also a lucrative enterprise. Diversifying your income streams can lead to more financial security and an increase in income. Yemani Mason is the Founder, President, CEO, or a combination of the three,for four companies, with more on the horizon.

Mason was initiated in real estate by his mother, a realtor, whom he assisted. He got into doing mortgages to help her business succeed. “I developed a strong relationship with my mom during this time,” Yemani said. “I was more than happy to do the work so that she could become more financially secure.” Over time, he realized that he liked working in the real estate field. His business – Secure the Funding – helps people get the money for their first mortgage or refinance. He loves fulfilling people’s dreams and helping them buy their homes. “There is no better feeling than seeing a family find the home they want to live in for years to come, maybe the rest of their lives.”

Yemani’s other business ventures started naturally. Azure Financial Solutions offers full-service financial, credit, and real estate consulting programs. “We can restore your credit, coach you about real estate, and help you with financial planning.” He’s also the CEO of MBC Media Group. This company helps brands create their personas through social media, creative strategy, content creation, and media management. Despite all of the responsibility he has created for himself, Mason isn’t done changing the world. He’s currently developing Black Star Credit Union, coming in 2021. He also has an upcoming book out in December 2020 called Lion Mentality. “I want to teach people to unlock their full potential. Life isn’t worth much without a little adventure, and that’s what I want to instill in readers with Lion Mentality.” Despite all of his hard work, Mason still finds time to give back. He is a Mentor and Director for ‘5000 Role Models’, an organization that intervenes in the lives of at-risk boys by giving them mentors to look up to. “My work with 5000 Role Models gives me meaning. It is my way to change the world, one child, at a time.”

Diversifying your income is one of the main steps to financial independence. Yemani Mason has accomplished this goal, but he doesn’t show any signs of stopping any time soon.

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