Skip DMV is a popular music artist based out of Washington DC. He was born and brought up in this very capital city. Skip DMV is not an ordinary artist. He doesn’t follow the trend but believes in starting the same.

If you listen to his popular peppy tracks like Weekend, Exposed, My Love and others, you will find these tracks refreshing and stress buster. And that’s what Sharrod Mariner, better known as Skip DMV always aspires to do. He always believes in creating new tracks and tunes, which can resonate well with his fans.

“I have always wanted to write new songs and create dope tracks. I create new tracks that are thoughtful, motivational and inspiring. I believe in spreading smiles and multiplying happiness to the listener’s lives. If my tracks keep them away from unwanted stress or liven up their spirit and mood, it makes me so happy and fulfilled.” Skip DMV explained.

Born as Sharrod Mariner, he has been in love with music since he was seven. Unlike kids of his age, Sharrod was more inclined towards music. He enjoyed listening to Rap and R&B music for hours in his childhood.

When he was 13, he and his elder brothers formed a group ‘DaFam’ to show their skills. Soon, DaFam’s popularity started rising as the audience loved their performances. It was during the same time, Skip DMV’s exceptional creative skills started getting noticed. Gradually, he also realized his true calling and hidden potential. Within a few months, he started getting offers from various music labels who wanted to associate with Skip DMV and his brothers—who were part of DaFam group. 

Skip DMV composes songs and tracks in a transparent manner. Though his tracks are bold and thought-provoking, at the same time, these tracks bring relief to the listeners. He uses various themes reflecting the diverse pop culture prevalent in the US.

Now, Skip DMV not only writes tracks for his own albums and music. But he also writes songs for other artists and pop sensations too. Until now, Skip DMV has collaborated with several artists in his career, including Young Crazy, Young Scrap, Lil Dream, Yung Juan and KT among others.

“When I look back, I consider myself blessed and lucky. I got so much love and appreciation from people around me. I am happy that they showed full confidence in my abilities and I have also been able to live up to their expectations. But it’s not the time to feel complacent. My journey has just started. Now, my fans and well-wishers expect more from me. I’m also eager to provide them with better music, theme, and composition every single time,” Skip DMV stated.

Skip DMV enjoys tremendous support of his fans and well-wishers across his social media channels. His social media handles are flooded with fan mails and other comments, which show his growing popularity as an independent artist and music composer. His tracks are now available on iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube. He has lots of  listeners across music streaming channels. They impatiently wait for the release of his new tracks and tunes.

Be it his new songs, Skip DMV is determined to offer the best tunes and lyrics to his audience worldwide.

You can follow Skip DMV’s life journey on Instagram and you can even log on to his website for more information.

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