For the purpose of gaining a wide target audience, almost every industry invests in some kinds of promotional media or outlets. As film industries always produce many potentially newsworthy moments, they use promotional services as a key factor for the entertainment industry. Regardless of their size and content, every moviemaker requires advertising their film to their target audience to achieve optimum success. Hence, you have to publish an impressive press release for your movie to enhance the hype. But prior to the issuing of a press release, you must get familiarized with every aspect of how to write a movie press release. Let’s get to know about seven important yet smart ways to write and issue a successful press release for your film.

  1. Put on an attractive headline

Entertainment media is a huge industry; they release a number of movies every day. Thus, it’s natural for the audiences to not come across every movie press release. Even the journalists can’t go through all the press releases. Hence, it’s essential to put some work to grab their attention instantly. Put an attractive headline that can precisely convey the true message of the overall press release that must be exceptionally striking too for the audience to read. Some specific channels and journalists generally take an interest in things like the movie’s budget, genre, subject matter, filming location, cast members, any prestigious awards, or any unique factor about the production team or company. You can use any of them to make the headline catchy.

  • The headline must contain some captivating and action-worthy wordings that can instantly grab the attention of the audience.
  • Put some keywords in the title to optimize the PR for search engines. 
  • Instead of using complicated and intricate language, you should involve some simple yet comprehensive language in the press release content that must direct to everyone. 
  1. Give out necessary details regarding the movie

The press releases contain informative content in general. However, the information that is provided in the film industry’s press releases is entirely different from the other industries marketing PRs. The PRs related to the film industry are strictly written to promote one particular movie that should include the following information in its first paragraph. 

  • The news media and audience are most curious about the movie’s name. Thus, it should be included in the headline, summary, and some parts of the body of the content. 
  • The next thing you must mention in the movie press release should be the name of the distribution company, since the reputation of the distribution company impacts on setting the success bar for the entire movie. 
  • Next, you have to add the name of the director, main actors, and actresses to attract great audience attention not only from the news media but also from all the fan base of the entire star cast. 
  • You must include all the aforementioned points along with the release date and give a brief synopsis about the theme of the movie in the introductory part of the press release. This way, the readers will have a clear understanding of the purpose of the press release and about the movie by reading through the opening paragraph. 
  1. Add quotes and other additional details

After the opening paragraph, you must include other background details and secondary information in the rest of the body content. Add quotes regarding the critics, actors, actresses, and directors as secondary information. But ensure that the entire content must not exceed more than five paragraphs. 

  • The rest of the paragraph must include information about all the cast and crews and other credits and expand the information about the first paragraph. 
  • Make sure to add a boilerplate copy about the production company and their contact information at the end of the paragraph to give it a smooth finish. 
  1. Do thorough research about the publisher

Publishing a press release for your film can be considered a sensitive matter. Therefore, you can’t just send your press release to each and every media house haphazardly with the intention of getting a wide audience engagement. Before you send your PR, you must verify the media house to know if they specialize in covering any content media with a specific genre and if it’s matching with your requirements. After knowing about their content publishing style, you can change your press release content according to their format, so it would be guaranteed to get featured in those specific media outlets. 

  1. Put an attention-grabbing pitch

Once you have decided on the publisher for your press release, it’s time to create an enticing pitch to get them instantly hooked on your story. 

  • Let the publishing house know of your familiarity with their work to make them intrigued about your story. 
  •  Put an effort in writing those first lines of the email subject line to grab the journalists’ attention instantly. 
  1. Be strategic about the release date

It is extremely important to keep in mind the release date. If you are to hire professionals, you have to consider how much notice period you should give and the date and time of the actual publishing of the press release. 

Hence, if you want to get the story out before the premiere show of your movie, make sure to give the media enough time to do excellent scheduling for it. But not so much time where they either put it aside to give time to other priorities or completely forget about it. You must know that the smaller online entertainment channels can give you a faster turnaround; instead of the traditional newsrooms.

  1. Hire professionals

It is the smartest way to successfully promote the movie through a press release. By using a professional press release distribution service, you can have a vast network to deliver your press release to all the appropriate channels. There is also the availability of freelance writers. You can approach them to have the most effective result. 

There’s more in store! 

Always remember to provide relevant images related to the movie, company website URL, and contact information in the PR to improvise relative searches. Take benefit of the social media platforms to maximize the reach of each social media post and build cross-promotional partnerships. Just keep these crucial elements in mind and you will get the ultimate movie PR that is ready to be distributed all over the county! 


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