Glamorous as ever, Ranveer Singh attended the grand opening of Tiffany & Co.’s solitaire store in Mumbai. Breaking gender rules, he wore high heels, a diamond necklace, navy blue sunglasses, and an outfit made of white satin.

Ranveer at Tiffany’s store:

Ranveer posed for the cameras during the Tiffany event on Wednesday night. He was dressed in all white, with a satin belt, pants, and shirt. He accessorized the white with high heels, a diamond necklace, and sunglasses in a navy blue color.

Ranveer shared his favourite jewellery in an interview with Vogue India. “My favorite and most treasured pieces of jewelry are those that has sentimental or personal significance for me. This is one of the rings that mean anything to me (shows off his wedding band). It’s my wedding band, which my wife Deepika Padukone gave me. An engagement ring made of platinum is the other one. Naturally, my grandmother’s pearls and my mother’s diamond earrings are also included,” he remarked.

For from all time, men have accessorized themselves with jewellery. You take action on your own behalf. Jewellery is the “punctuation mark of a person,” he stated, adding that adorning yourself is a kind of self-love. “As I got into my teens, I started to express myself more through my style, and I would wear a lot of silver and junk jewelry. Over time, my own experience with jewellery has likewise changed. It should give you a positive feeling when you wear it. And that’s really the main point,” he continued.

Ranveer during an event at Tiffany’s New York:

A white suit Tiffany & Co. event in New York last year was totally rocked by Ranveer Singh. He chose a white suit with a low-cut neck. He wore black shades and a layered neckpiece. He also added precious jewels to his white outfit.

Actor Zahirah MacWilson, Marion Caunter, NBA champion Dwayne Wade, and actress Gabrielle Union were among others who framed Ranveer at the occasion.

Regarding acting, Ranveer’s upcoming project is Don 3, which is directed by Farhan Akhtar and has Kiara Advani in a costarring role.

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