Similarly, I believe he wasn’t referring to his on-screen persona when he roared “zinda hoon” [at the beginning of the movie]. I now realise that the Hindi cinema business is still very much alive and well when I observe the smiles, hope, positivity, and confidence inside it. Yes, the SRK, YRF, and Hindi cinema industries are all zinda hain.

After a terrible 2022, a portion of the media had given up on YRF and the Hindi film industry. One continued reading frequently on social media and in magazines about the invasion of the South Asian film industry. The struggling Hindi film industry has been revived thanks to PATHAAN.

Both domestically and internationally, PATHAAN is shattering records. The business is, quite simply, eye-opening. Every upcoming blockbuster from the Hindi film industry will now be judged on PATHAAN since a new standard has been set. Of course, nobody anticipates that every movie will gross 57 or 70 crores on Day 1 or Day 2, respectively, but PATHAAN has paved the road. The statistics are definitely attainable.

Those who dismissed SRK following a spate of flops must be singing a different tune today. The throne legitimately belongs to the King now that he has returned.

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