The smallest and most reasonably priced electric tractor in India is introduced by Divyarajsinh Bihola, Prajal Geeta Menon, and Anitha Panikar in the most recent episode of Shark Tank India 2. They want to make life easier for small farmers. They state that their tractors are 8 X more efficient than diesel tractors and are small, light, and portable. They discuss their histories and the inspiration behind founding the business. The three invite sharks for a demo, and the sharks have a good time. For 7.5 percent stake, they demand Rs 75 lakhs.

The first floral keepsake jewellery company in India is introduced by Supriya Donthi next. Preserved flowers, leaves, and seeds are used to make it (also called botanical jewellery). She bragged about how many celebrities had donned her jewellery. Her vision is to become the biggest botanical jewellery brand. She shares more about her background and her love for plants. She shows sharks her products. Vineeta loves the packaging. They all wear the jewellery. Namita asks the pricing and finds it too expensive for metal.

Supriya Donthi follows and explains her company, the country of India’s first floral keepsake jewellery company. The blooms, leaves, and seeds are maintained to make it (also called botanical jewellery). She gloats that numerous celebrities have donned her jewellery. Her goal is to build the largest botanical jewellery company. She explains more about her upbringing and her passion for plants. Sharks are shown her products. Vineeta appreciates the package. They all have the jewellery on. Namita inquires about the cost and determines that it is too high for metal.

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