It has been stated that scientists have figured out why a crater formed on the moon. According to a study, there may be an asteroid that was once a part of the moon orbiting the sun. For a long time, scientists were confused by this since they thought the rock piece was a tiny asteroid that had come into the solar system from beyond. But according to the latest research, the rock is what caused the crater to form.

An unidentified rock that appears to be orbiting the sun was found by astronomers in 2016. Known by its name KamoŻoalewa, the rock has a diameter ranging from 130 to 328 feet. Giordano Bruno crater was formed by the rock, according to a Tsinghua University study team headed by astronomer Yifei Jiao. The rock was an element of the moon millions of years ago. The 16th-century Italian cosmologist was honored with the crater’s name, a 22-kilometer lunar impact crater.

Kamo’oalewa is a near-Earth object (NEO) with a width of between 40 and 100 meters (131 to 328 feet). It was released as a result of an asteroid collision that happened between 1 million and 10 million years ago. The research findings indicate that the Giordano Bruno crater was also produced by this impact event.

In the study that was published in the journal Nature Astronomy, the scientists said that they had found evidence of the movement of lunar pieces caused by impacts into Earth’s co-orbital space. The study report additionally revealed that millions of years ago, this process developed Kamo’olewa.

According to a report by Wion, the researchers claimed in the publication that “this would directly link a specific asteroid in space to its source crater on the Moon and suggests the existence of more such small asteroids composed of lunar material yet to be discovered near Earth.”

The stone’s previous existence as a component of the moon was also addressed in the report. Spectrum analysis shows that the rock’s texture is an exact match to the moon’s texture. The scientists verified that Kamo’olewa had to have broken from the moon owing to an impact by using a computer model, leaving a 12-mile crater. The calculations of the rock, which is said to have formed thousands of years ago, perfectly fit the Giordano Bruno crater.

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