Years of hard work and passion for changing lives helped him develop one of the best firms, Seiwasser, where he provides the art of life programs which helps people get peace of mind.

Yasin Seiwaaser, a world-renowned mental and life coach, great German MMA Champion and practitioner for 30 long years in mind-body techniques meditation, breathing and mental training, as a self-taught man believes that nothing beats persistence.

His achievements are unbelievable, and more encouraging is his belief and hard work towards his work. His disciplined lifestyle is a great example to all those who want to achieve big in life.

Yasin Seiwasser is the proud founder of his brand, ‘Seiwasser – Art of Life’, a 7-levels program that ensures people align the mind, body, and soul.

His Seiwasser: Art of Life program consists of Meditations, Zen, Kriya Yoga, Physical Training, Mental Training, Chi Kung, Martial Arts, and so many other self-discovered new and powerful techniques.

Yasin Seiwasser has gained enormous trust and admiration from people to teach the right techniques and practices through his program, where he has helped people become the master of their life.

He is MMA Champion and a world record holder with the fastest knockout in 3 seconds for the title fight. Yasin Seiwasser has also discovered many different martial arts styles in 35 years of practice. Due to his achievements and all he has to handle many big things in life. He was bodyguard to the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia and remained a coach for several years for Olympia and Professional athletes like Champions and World Champions.

Yasin Seiwasser has also been a two-time Guest of honour and Trainer at Dan Millman’s Peaceful Warrior Camp. He has worked as the teacher of the biggest Women’s group worldwide (over 1000 women) in India – Mumbai, in the school where the famous Oscar movie “Slumdog Millionaire” was filmed. Not just that, in the history of the Japanese Zen, Yasin Seiwasser was honoured as a non-monk and taught in the largest Zen monastery in Latin America.

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