Over the years, Jamaican dancehall music has constantly been evolving. Each decade, a new style of music emerges. Be it Ska, Rock Steady, Reggae, Dancehall, or vibes with hip-hop fusion, Jamaican music continues to command attention and respect worldwide.

The generational flow of dancehall success has been noticed in Rawalty. The growing music sensation has picked up the mantle from where the legends left off, and he looks to take the bar higher. Rawalty is very much aware that Dancehall is evolving, so he blends in to change the game even more.

To me, Dancehall has evolved. All thanks to the new talent added to the roster over the years. I would even say that it has reached a greater height than before. Dancehall has managed to expand the sound to reach all areas of music. I look to even take the bar to a next level,” He says.

Rawalty’s impact was felt from the very inception of his musical career. He was able to grab the industry’s attention through the unique sound of his music, as well as creating an outstanding image for himself. 

This has helped him so far in his journey into the dancehall music world. According to him, the journey into Dancehall has been a blessed one. He said:

“I was able to reinvent my image and create a type of music that impacts the way I see things around me. Also, music has given me the privilege to shed light on the day to day struggles of the people in general.”   

Rawalty will continue to be a household name in the growing dancehall music industry because the music he makes is filled with substance and meaning. This will continue to usher in a new wave for Dancehall, even as he bases his fundamental views on where dancehall music legends left off.

The superstar loves to explore new sounds and concepts when it comes to making music. This gives him the chance to see music from a different perspective, and his works reflect that.

Besides my talent, I have a natural ear for great music. My mind runs differently when it comes to creating music because I like to explore new sounds and concepts. This helps to bring a fresh type of vibe to the song I make,” Rawalty says.

Rawalty is very consistent with releasing music projects because fans worldwide are eager to listen to more dancehall sounds. The evolution of the dancehall music industry has made reggae sounds more enticing to music lovers, and this has increased the demand for his music. 

I will continue to push my music out there because my fans want to hear them even more. The support in general, has created more opportunities for me to appear on the main stage, and I feel with the wonderful music I have and very great visuals, everything will fall into gear,” Rawalty says.   

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