One cannot just ignore the growth of Digital platforms. An MBBS doctor and two Engineering Graduates teamed up and created a sensational growth in Social Media platforms by providing a Radiant content.TamilGlitz is a name given to their Digital Media which primarily attracts the readers in Tamil Nadu. It was founded by Rahul Bala, Mohammed Arqum, Felix B during their final year of college life in June 2015. This Dynamic trio made ‘TamilGlitz’ an emerging digital media platform by their keen determination and hard work.

Today there are many online readers who want only relevant content. TamilGlitz provides consistent and genuine contents and news which accomplish the reader’s demands on social media. It provides Tamil Regional News, covers all entertainment news, TV updates, Political News, Trending News, Movie Reviews, Celebrity interviews, Kollywood events, Tamil Cinema Updates.

Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Like this quote, TamilGlitz provides consistent and clear content or news to its audiences. Online regional users believe TamilGlitz provides loyal content that Is a huge success on its own. That is how it became one of the biggest and leading Electronic Publishers in south India. This brand then found its way to expand by a 15 member group who worked diligently 24/7 to deliver instant Tamil Nadu news. 

TamilGlitz now gained immense popularity among the followers. Also reached the ears of some production houses of Tamil movies. In collaboration with TamilGlitz, various production houses promoted their films by telecasting their cast interviews, movie reviews, and even released their teasers and trailers in this user-friendly media. TamilGlitz has attained global recognition from their easily understandable and unique contents.

The impact of social media influences many people to know everything about the famous celebrities and current affairs and hyperlocal news. One can simply rely on online platforms, to meet the new generation needs and demands, TamilGlitz gained its success by its own authentic and humble ways of giving clear-cut information. TamilGlitz has a wide variety of fan base and followers on social media. It has around 1.1 million active followers and gained over 5 Million loyal regional followers on Social Media like Facebook.

Rising popularity:

TamilGlitz has become one of the leading and biggest electronic media publishers In South India.

Deliver instant Quality regional content to regional audiences.

Conducted public polls and online forum discussions to discuss current scenarios among the followers.

Promoted various movies and conducted movie reviews and provided relevant authentic information.

Projects real news and deliver the correct updates 

The journey of TamilGlitz is surely noticeable among the followers. It provides impeccable resources to its audience, thus it is standing out in an online platform. Furthermore, TamilGlitz aims to provide much more contents and information and news to deliver to all its followers more accurately. The rich contents make TamilGlitz a highly recognizable one. Their upcoming projects are definitely going to make their followers stick to their resources.

TamilGlitz’s Social presence:

Twitter: @TamilGlitzin