Though Lenovo’s new 11.5-inch Tab Plus is aiming high, tablets aren’t often recognized for their bass that can shake a room. When the tablet is in landscape mode, four tweeters and four woofers distributed over each side of the device produce 26W of sound. Lenovo has integrated the ability to wirelessly link other devices to the tablet and use it as a Bluetooth speaker so that you can fully utilize the Tab Plus’s sound capabilities.

The Tab Plus, with its MediaTek Helio G99 octa-core processor, 8GB RAM, and 128GB or 256GB of additional storage via microSD card, is undoubtedly not a productivity powerhouse. Lenovo is marketing it primarily as a media consumption device, which is further supported by the 8MP front and rear cameras. Android 14 is pre-installed on the tablet, and Lenovo guarantees four years of security updates and two years of OS upgrades.

Although Lenovo’s 8,600mAh battery is supposed to keep the Tab Plus streaming for up to 12 hours (without specifying whether it’s for audio or video), and 45W fast charging ensures that a dead battery can be fully revived in 90 minutes, the Tab Plus’ 11.5-inch 90Hz 2K LCD display is by no means the best in class.

For those who would rather listen in private, a 3.5-millimeter headphone connection is still provided, supporting 24-bit 96kHz high-res audio with Dolby Atmos tuning. However, using the tablet as a Bluetooth speaker is made easier by an incorporated pop-out kickstand on the back.

The new Tab Plus has a prominent bulge on the back that increases the tablet’s thickness from 7.77mm to a chonky 13.58mm, which is a major trade-off for those four embedded woofers. Recall that, without the camera bulge, Apple was able to reduce the thickness of the new 13-inch iPad Pro to only 5.1mm.

Lenovo hasn’t disclosed the exact locations in which the new 11.5-inch Tab Plus will be available beyond “select global markets,” but at $289.99, it might be an alluring option for individuals who are sick of carrying around a tablet and an additional Bluetooth speaker to enhance its audio quality.

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