As mentioned in Microsoft’s IT Pro Blog post, Windows 10 will no longer receive updates beyond its end-of-support date of October 14, 2025, even if it is still receiving the Copilot AI love. However, Microsoft will shortly provide an Extended Security Update (ESU) programme for Windows 10 to make sure businesses — and even individual consumers later — have enough time to get ready for the inevitable update.

Organisations can purchase Extended Security Updates for Windows 10 (now locked at version 22H2) through a yearly subscription, much to the programme designed for Windows 7. The maximum extended life is three years, or until October 14, 2028. Please take note that beyond these patches, there will be no more technical support provided by the programme; it only covers essential and significant security upgrades.

A different approach to the aforementioned problem is to use a Windows 365 subscription to convert the Windows 10 PCs to Windows 11 in the cloud. In this manner, the Extended Security Updates will be available to the Windows 10 operating system on these computers for free, albeit only for a maximum of three years.

Naturally, Microsoft would prefer that you simply upgrade to Windows 11 in any case, but as Ars Technica has noted, the tech giant intends to make the ESU programme available to individuals this time around. This was not the case with Windows 7’s ESU programme, demonstrating that Microsoft is cognizant of Windows 10’s current dominance, which stands at 68.02 percent compared to just 26.63 percent for Windows 11 (as of November 2023) according to Statcounter. Check back later for more information and prices.

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