Andrea Gaviria, fashion mogul now turned beauty pundit, has done it again. She is expanding her collection of beauty products with a new fragrance that will be sure to attract male and female buyers alike. Although an unexpected move from a swimwear designer, it seems like the natural next step in her ever-expanding OMG line of products.

OMG Beauty’s parent company OMG Swimwear LLC, which Andrea founded and grew from the ground up has seen many transformations over the past decade. Her startup began as a door to door swimsuit sales business when she was only 19 years old. Since launching her online retail shop in 2012 the OMG swimwear website has grown from selling only swimwear to selling apparel, accessories, waist trainers and most recently beauty products. OMG Swimwear even has spin-off brands such as OMG Hustle, where Andrea provides personal-development coaching for young and old entrepreneurs alike.

With the launch of her new fragrance, named Seductive, she will expand her brand’s reach to yet another massive-consumer market. It will specially attract fragrance shoppers looking for something new and different. The perfume comes packaged in a bottle shaped like a woman’s figure, keeping in line with OMG Beauty’s renowned womanly-shaped bottles which are marketed as a celebration of the women’s shape.

“I want this fragrance to exude sensuality and seduction,” says Andrea. As in its name, Seductive will even include pheromone ingredients within it’s formula for that extra hint of eroticism. Although we still don’t know exactly when, you will be able to purchase it in store and online very soon in 2022. Make sure to stay up to date with OMG Swimwear’s social media accounts to get first dibs before they surely run out.
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