Craig Conover’s career has faced undulating turns and events from being a law school degree holder to a pillow maker. Moreover, his breakup with Naomi Olindo instigated both the bad and the good quirks on him. The split took place a couple of years ago after the two of them announced that there is no compatibility between them. Apparently, the 30 years old Olindo failed to see the relationship flourishing anymore with the pillow entrepreneur.

Conover fell in to a deeper web of depression after the split. Despite his constant efforts to mend the relationship with Naomi, nothing was materializing in to something substantial. However this breakup facilitates Craig in several ways such as in terms of career choices and self-improvement. It would be true to say that as of now, Craig is single as well as successful both in his life and career.

It has allowed Craig to take care of his loved ones too. Proof is when his friend Austen Koll broker up with his girlfriend Madison this season on the Southern Charm, Craig had the prescription for him to watch Frozen together. Craig added that they should do it because this is what he does when he was sad. Austen agreed and both the guys went to watch the classic animated several times. However, their all dreams came true when they watched Frozen on the Broadway in their city New York.

Craig made use of his Instagram stories to share that, “Alright, so we are on our way to Frozen live, compliments of Disney Theatrical Productions and it’s amazing, I think it’s the best day of my life.”

Austen, how excited are you?” he asked his friend who was sitting next to him. “I’m pretty stoked,” he admitted. “But Craig, we’re not sad but we’re still going to see Frozen!”

Fans have been really happy to find both of them happy.

Craig admitted to the fact that after his breakup he slipped in to a deep depression. He said he tried to repair his broken relationship with his ex but failed. However, the split served as a catalyst to the metamorphosis sewing and finally gave up doing Adderall. This is what made him to flourish ever since. Now that he is single and successful, he is enjoying it all in best possible manner.

He shared the same and said that, “I’m happily single. I’m having fun, like, I’m dating and I’ve hung out with some cool people and, you know, went to Frozen [on Broadway] the other night with a girl and stuff … I’m having fun, but it’s kind of, like, nothing too serious and, you know, if I meet the right person, of course, I’m down to settle down.” 

Other way round, Craig Conover Is Having Fun Living The Single Life — Southern Charm Star Took Date To Go See Frozen On Broadway. He further shared that, “I dated a few girls up here since last year. I kind of like the New York scene right now. I mean, Charleston is my home base, but it’s an easy flight, it’s an hour and 10 minutes. And I don’t know what’sgonna happen, man. I’m married to my pillows right now. And we have a lot of exciting things coming.”

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