If your stomach can’t handle the ups and downs of trading cryptocurrencies through places like Coinbase, there’s another way you can earn money without selling the digital currency you already own. Sure, you could invest in non-fungible tokens in the crypto space in hopes that your investment will go up in value, and that play could be something you want to add to your portfolio. But what if you could earn interest on your Bitcoin and USDC and still retain ownership? Companies like 4sythetrading ( https://4sythetrading.com ) make earning interest on your cryptocurrencies possible.

What Is 4sythetrading?

Maybe you’ve heard of BlockFi, where you can hold digital currency in a crypto wallet for trading or earning interest. If so, you need to know about 4sythetrading, a similar but smaller and versatile company that provides the same services as the crypto lending giant but with more options.

A couple of entrepreneurs in Singapore and Estonia started the new fintech company to give investors in the cryptocurrency community a means to make money on their investments without trading.

How the 4sythetrading System Works

When you deposit your cryptocurrency into 4sythetrading, the system allocated funds to its different arms using an in house analysis method. Below we talk about Loans, Cryptocurrency mining and Staking which form the core of the 4sythetrading business.


Users on the platform follow in house trading signals ( buy and strong buy Signals ) and earn a profit after 24 hours of holding the positions on the right assets. This technology is referred to Tokenised stock options trading. 4sythetrading is the only company in the industry that has perfected this trading method so far

How to make money on 4sythetrading?

Sign up to their website https://4sythetrading.com.

Make a bitcoin deposit.

When your deposit reflects.

Proceed to the Signals section, check for the buy and strong buy signals

Proceed to markets to trade the digital asset that matches the signal you analysed.

After 24 hours your capital and profit are returned to your trading wallet. You can restart the process to continue growing your account.

Withdrawals are also made through bitcoin to your bitcoin address which is requested during withdrawals.

4sythetrading is a safe and secure investment platform backed by some of the worlds biggest Firms. It a legit way to earn good income on the side for those new to the cryptocurrency industry.

4sythetrading is now listed among the top automated trading exchange volumes in the world. The CEO Katsumi Han has taken the company to greater heights and more venture capital firms continue to invest in the idea.

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