It appears that Beeper, the messaging app that has been working hard to port Apple’s iMessage to Android phones, has just published the last version of its program. Following several failed attempts to get iMessage to function reliably on Android devices—workarounds that required users to access a Mac—Beeper has announced that its efforts to bring the well-known messaging service to Android are “unsustainable.” Hours after the business claimed to have discovered a reliable way to enable iMessages for Beeper Mini and Cloud users on Android, it revealed its future ambitions.

In a blog post that went up late on Thursday, Beeper stated that if Apple blocked its most recent iMessage restoration, it had no plan of resuming its efforts. “Beeper’s credibility takes a hit every time Beeper Mini goes ‘down’ or is rendered unreliable due to interference by Apple,” the business wrote on its blog. It is not unsustainable. We can’t win a cat and mouse game with the biggest firm on earth, as much as we would like to fight for what we think is an amazing product that should actually exist.

Beeper stated that the iMessage connection software underlying Beeper Mini and Beeper Cloud is being released open source and that it expects Apple to accept its most recent software version. Beeper stated, “Anyone who wants can use it or continue development.” The business will now concentrate on creating “the best chat app on Earth,” which is its long-term objective.

Beeper also addressed Apple’s claims in the blog that their app presented “significant risks to user security and privacy.” Contrary to what the iPhone maker said, the company claimed in a thorough reply that Beeper Mini was safe and not a harmful app.

The most recent version of Beeper was released just after the business announced that phone number registration for the Beeper Mini app was now available again. This feature allowed Android phone numbers to appear in blue in iMessage. On the other hand, beeper users would have to locate a buddy who owns a Mac, or utilize an old iPhone that has been jailbroken.

After revealing the jailbroken iPhone patch for phone number registration, Beeper wrote a separate blog post with comprehensive instructions on how to acquire iMessage on Android operating systems. When it comes to mobile devices, an old jailbroken iPhone (6/6s/SE1/7/8/X) would work perfectly for Beeper Mini users.

Beeper published an iMessage fix earlier this week for Android handsets, but the workaround required users to have access to a Mac computer in order for the service to function consistently. Android users would be able to send blue bubble text messages on iMessage with a Mac registration. However, for the messaging service to function, users must continue to have access to a Mac computer.

Despite Beeper’s efforts to address privacy and security concerns and enable iMessage on Android smartphones, Apple continues to persist in blocking the service. According to a statement provided to The Verge, Apple blocked Beeper Mini’s access to iMessage because the app used “fake credentials.” According to the corporation, Beeper’s methods “posed significant risks to user security and privacy,” thus it took precautions to keep its consumers safe.

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