While almost every woman wants to be known as a fashion icon, it’s no easy feat! Being a fashion icon takes more than wearing trendy clothes. It involves the attitude, creativity and flexibility. The fact that Joanna Heath possesses all three of these qualities, and more, makes her one of the biggest fashion icons out there!

The actress/model has a lovely sense of style (and a pretty face) that makes everything she wears statement worthy. So whether she’s going out for lunch, dinner, parties or charity functions, you can only expect Heath to look amazing. For 5 reasons why Joanna Heath has earned the fashion icon title, keep reading below! 

  1. She knows how to accessorize

Joanna Heath is the queen of proper accessorizing. She knows when to wear what and just how much accessories her outfit needs. 

Joanna Heath
Joanna Heath

Accessories are exciting items hence one can get easily carried away and over-accessorize. Heath makes no such mistake. You can see in this picture above how moderate yet spectacular her accessories are. With a nice bracelet, sunglasses and wedge sandals, Heath looks ready to take on the red carpet! 

  • She knows how to combine outfits

A fashion icon must know how to combine outfits to get the best results. Yes, trends will come but a person’s ability to create looks on their own is what gives them the icon status! 

Joanna Heath’s outfit combinations are either daring or subtle. In the picture above, her combination of black, pink, fur, satin and leather is both daring and aesthetically pleasing.  

  • She has the poise

To become a model, you need the proper attitude and poise. Joanna Heath’s great poise is one reason she’s not only a fantastic model, but also a fashion icon. She carried herself with an aloof grace that every designer needs in their model. 

Heath knows that a great poise is the trick to looking good in anything. Poise is the reason a model can wear a sack down the runway and draw attention owed to a queen! Joanna’s poise in the picture above is both graceful and sophisticated, something only a fashion icon can achieve! 

  • She’s flexible

Joanna Heath is flexible with her fashion choices. She doesn’t just stick with the regular trends or outfits. She tries new styles, patterns, prints, cuts and outfit combinations. She’s also flexible with the designers she wears. 

And despite her flexibility, she never makes a fashion error. Instead, she creates new trends for her fans and other celebrities to follow! 

  • She looks great in everything!

To be a fashion icon, you need to look good in everything you wear. Joanna Heath always manages to look beautiful even when dressed in a simple dress like in the picture above. 

Actor/Model Joanna Heath is a fashion icon most people try to emulate. Once you learn all of the above, you can also become a fashion icon just like her! For more of Joanna Heath’s lovely fashion statements, visit her website today!

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