Musical Artist Vince Lajan On How To Achieve Success

NOVA Southeastern graduate and musical artist, Vince Lajan, is the oldest among his 3 siblings and was brought up by a single mother. The times were difficult with him having only 100$ in his bank account.

Today times have changed drastically with Vince coaching and managing Amazon accounts for clients for 6 years and leading a team of 400 people who are working with several hundred stores doing $6-10 million in sales every month.

Vince Lajan is a multimillionaire who has crafted a virtual mastermind to teach students the steps to build a multiple 7-figure E-COM business like him. The mastermind believes in taking up a project and scaling it rather than jumping from project to project. The successful man has been sharing his journey on various platforms from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, to Twitter.

Vince believes success is always in the mind. The key to success is developing a thriving and successful mindset. Businesses cannot run on negative attitudes as thoughts become things.

Obstacles are bound to come in every business but the right mindset will take you beyond them and lay the path to success. Vince has always believed in himself and worked on his skills to become a multi millionaire today.


The effect of sports on singing according to Keyvan Ansari

(Impact of exercise for singing:)

People usually decide to sign up for a gym to stay healthy, not to improve their singing voice. But exercise is a surprisingly good elixir for your voice. Some types of exercises and exercises can strengthen your respiratory system and make your voice stronger and more resilient.

Exercise is a great way to get fit and improve the shape of your voice. A strong singing voice starts with a healthy body, and certain exercises can help improve your singing voice. However, you must learn the proper technique, or you can damage your voice and body.

Exercise is very good for your body, mind and voice. But it is difficult to find time to work. Especially if you are a singer who is between programs and exercises.

(Keyvan Ansari’s experience on the effect of exercise on the sound of singing)

There are many reasons to exercise. Being active keeps you healthy, healthy, reduces stress levels and rejuvenates your mind. If these are not enough for you, the benefits of exercise can also have a positive effect on your voice.

If you exercise regularly, you will see results when you go on stage to perform. Exercising will increase your endurance and cardiovascular strength, and you will feel this feature as you read. Building muscle and endurance in your body will help strengthen your vocal and respiratory systems.

The fitness, endurance and agility you gain from exercise is transferred to your vocal function. Staying active can make your singer’s voice clearer, expand your vocal range, and reduce strain. Exercise is also a great nerve stimulant and stress reliever, so it can keep you focused and clear before you run.


Reza Bahrami speaks on behalf of The Earth

Reza Bahrami, a talented Iranian artist, was born on May 20, 1977 in Eghbal Hospital. He studied piloting at Arta Kish Pilot School considering his great interest in flying; he failed to continue his studies, because of congenital heart disease. After a while, he succeeded in studying business and at the same time, in 2013, he wrote his first book in the field of business called “Miracle of Motion”. This book has become one of the best-selling books and has been published five times so far. Due to his great interest in art, he began his art studies at the Media Academy under the supervision of Changiz Jalilvand and began his professional career in the field of dubbing and singing. He authored his second book, a novel, “Samad, the Great Little Man”. In the meantime, he released brilliant works such as “Dream of the Moon”, “Breathless”, “Gazelle in New York”, “Paghadam” and “Overnight Dream of Hafez” in the field of singing and produced podcasts, which were met with general acclamation. These works are currently being broadcasted on world-renowned sites such as Amazon and Spotify.

He has recently been working on a musical album called “Prakrti” which means nature in Indian, with the goal of supporting the environment. This album is a common product between Iran and India and contains a piece called “The Earth”. Reza Bahrami has provided and produced this critical piece during the days which the whole world faces the global warming apprehensively. The appeal of this piece is the art of assembling the rich Indian culture along with the English and Persian languages to make this work exceptional. This piece has been accomplished by an Indian narrator Ms.Parul Bansal, a British narrator Ms. Erixa and a young artist Noora Mofidi. Its poem is composed by an Iranian song writer ,Ali Estiri, and its video is directed by Kasra Eghbal.

 Reza Bahrami’s official Instagram account is, and his official website is, so his fans can follow him through them.


Nicholas Pinto Seen Front Row at NYFW Show

Social media personality Nicholas Pinto was spotted sitting front row at a New York Fashion Week show in Times Square a few weeks after running into Bonang Matheba without knowing who she was. Pinto was sporting a black Amiri shirt with blue jeans and black sneakers. It is unclear whether he was modeling in the show or just watching it.

His mom, Patricia Pinto, owns modeling agency La Creme, so we assume that her models were apart of the fashion show.


TAA Shows How to Leverage Its Connections to Give Its Clients the Best Platform

We know of many A-listers who started small but made it big later in life. Several iconic businesses eventually became leading global brands. Such highly influential and successful public figures and brands can get a project greenlit with nothing more than a call. But you may not be aware of the people promoting and guiding the future of these brands and A-listers towards new and better opportunities. We are referring to the mover-and-shaker that coordinates and convinces to get things done – The Artists Agency (TAA).

TAA is one of the largest and leading talent agencies in the world, boasting a diverse portfolio of clients that includes musicians, actors, influencers, athletes, coaches, brands, and more. TAA offers a wealth of experience and expertise in artist representation, strategic advisory and brand consulting, event management and production, stakeholder engagement, and media outreach.

The trailblazer of the industry, TAA, is the first talent agency to have forayed into multiple segments by housing multiple brands like TAA Consulting, TAA Brand Studio, TAA Client Business Ventures, TAA Digital Media, TAA Entertainment Benefits Group, and TAA Social Impact. The talent agency’s sole mission is to build brands and businesses driven by their clients’ interests, objectives, and opportunities.

With a robust network of employees and partners globally, TAA leverages the access and reach of its internal and external community of specialists to serve its clients in a much broader and effective way. “For us, at TAA, our clients are not just another name on a lengthy roaster to us. We are committed to offering our clients a supreme position in the global marketplace. Having this approach has helped us create limitless opportunities for the storytellers, icons, thought leaders, and trendsetters, and provide the platforms they need to stand out in a global marketplace,” commented Karishhma Mago, CEO of The Artists Agency (TAA).

Amid ever-growing competition and the evolving marketplace, it will be interesting to see how TAA soaks up the spotlight for its clients in the near future.


looking at stand-up comedy, according to Shayan Kaffash, the famous Iranian TikToker

It is often regarded as one of the most challenging classes of shows. This kind of comedy consists of an individual standing in front of an audience and making them laugh. Many professionals say that stand-up comedy is a type of comedy in which the entertainer talks directly to the audience with no “fourth wall.”

What is the “fourth wall”?

The fourth wall is an item in Art that is somehow an invisible wall between the actors and viewers. Unlike an actor, a comedian who performs a stand-up comedy relies only on their talents, and it is all up to their abilities. An actor usually uses dialogue, and a group of other actors accompanies them during the show, and this can be undoubtedly helpful. However, a comedy show only focuses on improvising content and doing funny things. Comedy shows are of many types. Comedy shows include voice mimicking, telling funny stuff, improvising a comic story, jokes, and so on. These shows can be held anywhere, including clubs, cafes, and bands.


Decide why you’re on Instagram? And set goals – with Liran Mizrahi

Even if you’ve never used this platform or are just starting to use it and the results aren’t coming in, it’s important that you have specific goals in mind to achieve. This way the content you produce can be focused on achieving them and will look more consistent in the eyes of followers. Usually companies use Instagram to showcase their product or service, build a community, increase brand awareness, tell the story of the company and its values, increase brand loyalty and share news and updates.

We asked to one of the most promising Social Media Expert , Liran Mizrahi, how you can reach your goals if you’re on the social media industry.

It is very important to choose one or two goals to pursue, to do so it can be helpful to answer these questions:

  • Why am I using Instagram?
  • How can Instagram help me achieve my marketing goals?
  • How much time and budget should I invest in Instagram?
  • What does Instagram offer me differently than other social networks?

Your goals, which will help you not only target the right audience but also create good, relevant content. This is very important because it affects everything you do on Instagram.

Choose 1-2 goals from these:

  • Promote products or services (even sell on Instagram)
  • Build new relationships
  • Show the behind-the-scenes look of the company
  • Introduce the company’s staff
  • Represent the more informal and fun side of the business

The creative opportunities and visual aspects of Instagram if you strategically use stories to show the personality and faces behind your brand, can be especially powerful for highly visual businesses and a great way to creatively engage customers and employees, reach out to your prospects and build relationships with them.

Once you’ve defined your goals and metrics for evaluating achievable results, it becomes important to understand what audience you want to target.

The main focus of marketing is to communicate the right message to your audience right when they want it, and knowing the demographics of the user using a platform is central to understanding whether you’re reaching your target audience.  That’s why we recommend starting by defining your buyer persona right away.

Once you’ve defined your goals and determined how effective Instagram is for your target audience, you can get into the thick of your strategy:

  • Optimizing your profile
  • Creating an editorial plan
  • Defining the timing
  • Measuring returns

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Musical Artist Papooche Is A Successful Model Too

Success is not all about just earning more and more money. It is also about love, friends, and family. Finding a balance and contentment in your life is actually success. Your passion towards things, people and life leads you to success.

It is true for musical artist Yvenet Belle Fleur, famously known as Papooche, too. The musical artist followed his passion for modeling as soon as he completed college. He was a fine student being equally good in studies, sports and music. The Haiti born artist started playing piano when he was 5 and gave his professional performance at the age of 9.

Yvenet Belle Fleur loved playing basketball too. All his life the talented guy has pursued all his passions. Thus at the age of 32 he is a successful model and musical artist with his music available on leading music streaming platforms.

After college, Papooche decided to pursue another passion modeling and made a success out of it quickly due to his immense faith in himself and his love for his work. Today he is living in Miami ,Florida and thriving by pursuing a career in the fashion world and making favorite music.


Talking to Farhad Forootani, a successful and popular singer, about different types of pop music

 What style of pop music is called?

 Pop music style (POP) is derived from the popular music style (Popular), which is one of the most important and main styles of popular music and is opposed to artistic and traditional music styles.  Pop style is considered as one of the most well-known styles of music around the world and of course it is one of the most popular styles of music that many styles of music originate from pop music.  Some even believe that pop music has formed the basis of most popular music styles such as rock, hip-hop, rap, R&B, rock and roll and many other styles of music.  It should be noted that the style of Iranian pop music is also part of this style.  Pop music styles

 Pop music is one of the most famous and popular styles of music around the world, and for this reason, despite the short life and short time that has passed since the birth of this style until today, we have witnessed rapid and significant progress in this style.  It has created beautiful works and styles in music.  These styles include pop rock, dance pop, etc., which are directly influenced by pop style.  There are also other genres such as rock, hip-hop, rap, dance, rhythm and blues (R&B), rock and roll, dance, house, remix, electronic music and many other genres of music that have been indirectly influenced by this style.  And many even believe that pop music, like popular music, is the foundation of these styles of music, and that all of these genres originate from pop music.  Other genres of pop music

 As mentioned before, this type of music includes other combined genres such as pop rock and dance pop and other items that are taken from the combination of this style with other styles such as rock, blues, dance, etc., while this is usually a combination of styles.  Derived from pop music, there are genres that are generally different from pop music


A Conversation with Everr Liii: Music Forever, for You

Ever Lee (李画然; born November 18, 1995), works professionally as Everr Liii. Ever grew up in Harbin, China. In her early childhood, Ever was influenced by her grandpa who was an Erhu player for Cantonese Folk Music (广东民乐). At 6, she performed piano at Harbin Pioneers Palace. At 11, Ever moved with her family to Oakland, USA.

In her undergraduate years, Ever was trained as a sculpturist, painter, filmmaker, and musician at VCUarts, Temple University, and New York Film Academy. As a musician, at that time, Ever mainly composed and produced commercial music and film scores. One known work of she is a commercial song for Hisense air conditioners and Rio alcopops at Suning Commerce, China.

At 23, Ever obtained her certificate of Neurological Music Therapist at Toronto University, Canada. Ever believes in the power of healing and storytelling in music. The first official album of Everr Liii is RR Phantom.

Linda Campbell: You’ve been making music for a while. What makes you finally decide to release an album?

Everr Liii: The music I made before was mostly for other people. For film and TV, I made music for the environment, the characters. Now I want to focus more on my own feelings.

Linda: What is the story behind RR Phantom?

Everr: It’s a valediction. It’s a simulation of my emotions and experiences. To me, it’s fun and satisfying to make stories into music.

Linda: What are some of your future plans, in music, in film?

Everr: There are a few songs in the process. For my next album, my goal is to make it beautiful. I want to make something that people can listen to forever. There will be elements of world music. My plan in filmmaking for now is to focus on idDocLab. I had to take down three documentaries because the interviewees decided to not be seen in public. Though they’ve signed the release forms, I deleted them anyway.

Linda: What a pity! I look forward to your next album. Will it be instrumental as well?

Everr: There will be lyrics as well. But I will also make instrumental music, out of love to myself.

Linda: I can’t wait! Do you prefer instrumental music over lyrical songs?

Everr: No, I don’t. The process of making instrumental music is a therapeutic meditation session to me. It’s a pure self-love process. I care more about the listeners of my music when it comes to the lyrical ones. But I enjoy both.