A magnetic, musically astute performer with dynamite energy, DJ BURNER has entertained the world with his unique brand of high-energy performances since 2009, with Bollywood remixes to his credit. DJ BURNER is a certified DJ and Music Producer, and produce his own Bollywood remixes

He has surpassed the milestones and established benchmarks that have the power to inspire. He has been honored and hailed by audiences and peers alike as a stellar performer. His artistic style of blending international sounds with Indian ones has influenced music sensibilities of the masses to open their arms to dance music in its various forms. DJ BURNER is one hell of an artist who promises to deliver a musical night worth remembering.

His home country of India isn’t the only place where DJ BURNER gained a following. He has followed from U.K, MALDIVES, BANGKOK, UKRAINE, AUSTRALIA, SPAIN etc. DJ BURNER is soon going to represent India in international concerts.