The MacBook Pro’s upcoming major redesign will likely include an OLED model, which might debut in 2027. Although initial speculation suggested that this shift would occur in 2026, the ideal timing for this shift appears to be 2027, as it was later postponed until after Apple unveiled the OLED iPad Pro, which is expected to be launched in the coming months.

The differences in display specifications are the most crucial aspect of the switch to OLED in both the iPad and Mac. Whereas the Mac will include the eighth generation, which is still in the early stages of development, the OLED iPad Pro will employ sixth generation technology.

Samsung Display is one of Apple’s technical partners. The South Korean business declared a $3.1 billion investment in this technology last year. Thanks to a recent report by The Elec in Korean, the launch window for the OLED MacBook Pro is now somewhat obvious.

The article claims that Samsung intends to introduce its first IT 8th-generation OLED deposition device in March. Japan’s Canon Toki is the manufacturer of its evaporator. Still, all of the machines should be operational by the second half of 2025, taking into account the time it will take the South Korean company to install and set process conditions.

While this might seem like fantastic news, Samsung will concentrate on making panels for other suppliers in addition to providing Apple with 8th generation OLED panels. For this reason, HP and Dell will be the first companies to use 8th generation supply panels instead of the future OLED MacBook Pro. Nevertheless, Samsung’s ability to produce OLED panels for Apple would end in 2027.

While BOE lacks an evaporator machine at current time, LG is still seeking investment resources, and BOE wants to engage with this technology despite Samsung. Therefore, if you’re delaying getting a new MacBook because you’re hoping for the next design update, you may want to reconsider your plan if you don’t think your laptop will survive that long.

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