The payroll is compiled in a single copy in the accounting department. It should be noted that according to the payroll (payroll), wages are paid to persons on the payroll staff of the business entity. Payments under civil law contracts or contracts for the provision of services are accounted for separately.

Benefits of Using Payroll

For one payroll, you can give out salaries to several employees. And another advantage of the payment is that payroll can be paid out within a few days.

The procedure for filling out the payroll

In the payroll accountant should indicate the amount of money due to be paid to the employee, that is, minus all mandatory exemptions – personal income tax, amounts on writ of execution, amounts of compensation for damage to the employer through the fault of the employee.

Such a period cannot be more than five days, including the day of cash withdrawal from a bank account.

Due to the complexity and frequency of changes in the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a large number of special requirements for the preparation of relevant reports. Payroll is both a complicated and time-consuming process, requiring the performer to have in-depth knowledge, timely monitoring of changes in the legislation and their prompt implementation in the calculation process.

We will be happy to become your reliable partner, allowing you to focus on the most critical tasks, reduce the risks associated with staff turnover and calculation errors.

Payroll services include the following:

  • Initial setup, development of policies, procedures and other requirements of the company
  • Payroll calculation in 1C (including calculation of holidays, compensation for temporary incapacity for work, salary for unused holidays, advance payment, wages per the agreed schedule), both citizens of the London and foreign citizens
  • Calculation and payment of taxes and assessed contributions from the wage fund
  • Preparation of tax, statistical and other mandatory corporate reporting upon request
  • Services for checking and restoring a payroll site
  • Consulting services in the field of payroll and related tax liabilities

Services for the calculation of tax liabilities for wages by the host party (shadow payroll), including under a staffing agreement, which includes:

  • Determination of the tax base for a seconded employee based on compensation paid by a foreign employer of the host country and benefits provided by the host company in the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Calculation of relevant tax liabilities payable from the tax base in the Republic of Kazakhstan; preparation and submission of a monthly tax report to an authorized person of the company
  • Verification of monthly accruals paid by a foreign employer with the corresponding invoices for services for the provision of diplomatic personnel
  • Preparation and submission of quarterly tax returns
  • Unfortunately, many services are not suitable for everyone. And that’s why:
  • They follow the norms of the British tax and labor laws and carefully assess the risks to the business.
  • If the company prefers to break the law, hoping for a “British chance”, they are not on the road.

Mint Accountax provides all the necessary accounting and tax related services whether you need it online or you want our professional to come your office and sit in the office so you can focus more on your important business activities.

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