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Latin Urban Music Singer “Danyer” Just Released His New Song “En Todos Las Positions”

This single has thousands of views on YouTube & hundreds of thousands of plays on Spotify. The distribution of the song is in charge of “Random Sounds”

The Latin American singer “Danyer” is celebrating his best moment in music as he is seeing one of his greatest dreams materialize.

something that I really dreamed of since I was a child.

Art is in his blood, his music says it all, a talented young man, who is giving everything to achieve his dream in urban music, He has several songs on the streets & all are well accepted by his fans.

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Urban music continues to conquer many young people who want to break into the world of stardom, this is the case of “Adrian Calderon”, an artist who is venturing into this musical field with his musical career.

All of his songs have managed to position themselves in people’s tastes, which is why his receptivity has been positive on digital platforms such as Spotify and YouTube, where his songs register hundreds of thousands of reproductions on SPOTIFY & YOUTUBE.

His career is managed by the record label “The Grace Music, LLC” And the distribution of their songs are in charge of “Random Sounds”


73-year-old singer and actress Olivia Newton-John has passed away

Olivia Newton-John, a four-time Grammy victor and entertainer in famous melodic Grease, had revealed quite a long while prior that bosom disease had metastasized and spread to her back, compelling her to drop exhibitions
Vocalist Olivia Newton-John, who took off to the highest point of the world’s popular music graphs during the 1970s and 1980s with so much tunes as “I Honestly Love You” and “Physical” and featured in the hit film melodic Grease, passed on Monday at age 73 at her home in southern California.

The demise of the British-conceived, Australian-raised entertainer was declared on her Instagram account, saying she “died calmly” at her farm home “encompassed by loved ones.”

Newton-John, a four-time Grammy victor, had unveiled quite a long while prior that bosom malignant growth had metastasized and spread to her back, compelling her to drop exhibitions. A quarter century sooner Newton-John had gone through a halfway mastectomy and proceeded to lay out a malignant growth treatment-research office in Australia.
The performer started proceeding as a youngster and turned into a worldwide genius subsequent to moving to the United States. She was light, blue-peered toward and overflowing with healthiness when she had her originally hit in 1971 with “Without taking yourself into account” — a Bob Dylan melody that likewise had been recorded by George Harrison.
It would be continued in the following couple of years by “Let Me Be There,” which won her a Grammy for best female country vocal execution, “In the event that You Love Me (Let Me Know)” and two No. 1 tunes, “Have You Never Been Mellow” and “I Honestly Love You.” The last melody won Grammys for best female pop execution and record of the year.

Newton-John, whose sister passed on from mind disease, turned into a promoter after her most memorable session with bosom malignant growth and she laid out the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Center in her old neighborhood of Melbourne. She additionally advertised what was known as the Olivia Breast Self-Exam Kit.
Newton-John, whose granddad was German-conceived Nobel laureate Max Born, a physicist, completed fourth in the 1974 Eurovision singing rivalry while addressing the United Kingdom.

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Meet the Haryana Star Boy Kuldeep Singh

“Music is another kind of worship, it has no caste, religion or place. Music is the necessary peace and it is the necessary joy.”- Kuldeep Singh

Meet the small town boy with millions of dreams in his eyes started his singing career in 2020. “TheSignatures” is well known Hindi, singer & Rapper from Hisar , Haryana. Being an amazing singer who has different kind of sounds in his voice and talks, he has huge fan following from different corners of India. He has came a long way with his passion for music & when you examine his journey, you can see how much work he has done in a short period. That time is not far when you will see him in Bollywood music industry. He has made a special place in every music lover’s heart with his music. Not only this  “Kuldeep Singh” is down to Earth person, no one will see any star attitude in him.

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Kuldeep singh aims to inspire souls with his music

Consistency, over the top quality, and support from friends and family are three key influences in how Sagar has shaped his career. After years of hard work and dedication,

Kuldeep has started to gain some stain in the Love Music game. In today’s society, we see many individuals in the music industry fold from the global pandemic. It has sucked the life out of some up-and-coming artists as it shows no end in sight.

While a majority of people are falling into this category, that doesn’t mean everyone is. That’s where Artist TheSignatures comes into play. Gaining some traction in the music industry is far from the most challenging feat that TheSignatures has had to overcome in his lifetime. Not only has he had to learn a completely different language off the bat, but he has gone through the everyday struggles that 99.9% of people do as well.

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José Ramón Abreu better known as “Pocholito RD” a success in urban music


Pocholito RD. JOSE RAMON ABRE DE LA PAZ, better known as Pocholito RD. He was born on May 08, 2000 in Azua, Dominican Republic.
José Ramón Abreu artistically known as “Juan Tavarez” promotes his new song “Merengue”
The distribution of the song is in charge of “Random Sounds”

Santo Domingo, DR
Urban music continues to conquer many young people who want to break into the world of stardom, this is the case of José Ramón Abreu known artistically as “Pocholito RD”, an artist who is venturing into this musical field with his musical career.
All his songs have managed to position themselves in the taste of the people, so his receptivity has been positive on digital platforms such as Spotify and YouTube, where his songs register hundreds of thousands of reproductions…

His career is managed by the record label “The Grace Music, LLC”

And the distribution of their songs are in charge of “Random Sounds”

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“TheSignatures” is known as the star Artist in the Entertainment Industry, here’s why

When we talk about entertainment in India, we think of Bollywood celebrities.

Bollywood celebrities have fandom like no other, on the globe. The craziness and madness are mind-blowing. But with craziness and madness comes the wish to work with them or at least for them.

TheSignatures’s name has become synonymous with the title of star Artist in the entertainment industry. Well, Daksh Sharma is living his dreams by doing both.

 He is working with many famous stars and celebrities on a daily basis. Moreover, the highlight is that he is just twenty-five years of age (as in 2022) . At this age when kids try to figure out their normal life, Daksh has already achieved so much. Daksh has founded three companies under him and he is the CEO of them and one of the famous band name is TheSignatures. TheSignatures is not only a Band, its also the artist name of Daksh Sharma. Daksh is the first Artist in the entertainment industry who has made a prominent name for himself in the world of multimedia. He is the founder of three companies, he has set a record by working with innumerable famous and popular celebrities, influencers, and artists. He is definitely extraordinarily talented and experienced at a young age. God has his blessings on him and he is surely going to make his friends, family, loyal fans and for that matter every Indian proud of his impeccable caliber.


Reza Ramyar: The Acclaimed Iranian Singer Opens Up About His Success Journey

Reza Ramyar is one of the young and hard-working Iranian singers who, in addition to singing, also composes and writes songs. He was born in 1990 in Iran and lives in Tehran. Reza Ramyar has endured many hardships to reach the fame and position he has now, but he has never been disappointed due to his interest in singing.

Reza Ramyar started learning the piano in 2006, but because of his family’s opposition to his work in the field of music, he abandoned it and chose to study civil engineering. He started this field because of his father’s advice and to grow and progress in life, but during his studies, he still kept the love of singing alive in his heart.

One of the singers with whom Reza Ramyar has performed many times is called Shery M. The beginning of Shery M’s singing career was in a song with Reza Ramyar, which was called “Mane Ravani.” This song was released in 2014, and the lyrics of this song were written by Arash AP and arranged by Saeed Ansar. After this performance, these two singers were together again in different works and released beautiful songs according to the taste of the young generation, some of which were called “Mobtala,” “Bala Payin,” and “Ghole Alaki.”

Reza Ramyar is one of the young and well-mannered Iranian singers who, despite all the difficulties on his way, was able to achieve success and popularity in singing. Due to some religious beliefs, Reza Ramyar’s family did not consider music suitable for Reza Ramyar and encouraged him to study civil engineering. But since the style of Reza Ramyar’s life was generally artistic and he was very interested in music and singing, he could not give up music. Until he went to a singing class in his final year of study, and since then, he started releasing songs. Reza Ramyar has released beautiful songs and is very popular.

Reza Ramyar has become a household name in music. His popularity continues to grow along with a strong presence on streaming platforms like Spotify


The Success Story of Singer & Social Media Influencer Nika Falahi Will Give You Goosebumps

As the old maxim goes, hard work is the key to success. This has been proven once again by the 20-year-old musician and social media influencer Nika Falahi.

Music is one such thing that does not fail to mesmerize and soothe anyone. Nika Falahi knows this very well and has found her passion early on in life. Born in 2002, Nika Falahi boasts over 5 million followers on all her social media handles combined. But what does she really do?

Nika Falahi is a social media content creator and singer. Her success story is a unique one and inspires thousands of youngsters across the globe today. She started out in the music industry after being hooked to hip-hop and soulful music at the same time. Nika used to listen to her favorite artists and repeat the verses of their songs for hours.

She was a bright kid at school and aimed to pursue arts & theater as a career. However, Nika Falahi quickly found her calling in Music and never looked back. To date, she has released many popular songs that have fetched thousands of listeners.

In 2018, when Nika Falahi was just sixteen years old, she released a single titled Tehran. After receiving great response from listeners, Nika Falahi went on to release another song ‘Nafas’ in 2019. And guess what? She was bombarded with appreciation and love messages from the fans.

Nika Falahi, since then, has released several superhit songs like Mehmooni, Valentine, Party Summer, Tear, and New Wave. All of her songs have left a positive impact on the listeners and raked in millions of followers on her Instagram account.

The 20-year-old is immensely popular on TikTok having over a million followers on the platform. She was awarded with the YouTube Silver Button in 2022 for crossing 100,000 subscribers. At the moment, Nika Falahi is concentrating on building a career as a musician combined with being a social media content creator.

At such a young age, Nika Falahi has found her passion and is not planning to slowdown anytime soon. She has many exciting projects in the pipeline and it remains to be seen what this young talent brings to the music industry in 2022!

To know more about Nika Falahi, follow her on: Instagram | Spotify | YouTube


How Sukhdev Khapa makes his name in the music industry

Sukhdev Balai Aka Sukhdev Khapa a composer Sukhdev Khapa ( Born 1 May 1995 ) is one of the leading male musicians in Bhilwara Rajasthan. He is the youngest musical artist in the city. Started his singing career in 2022. With knowledge of Bollywood audio and electronic music, Sukhdev Khapa has his hands on almost every genre of music.

Sukhdev Khapa is an Indian music artist. And has verified pages on various streaming platforms such as Spotify, jiosaavn, Amazon Music, AppleMusic, Soundcloud, and many more. Sukhdev khapa is an Indian music artist. His songs have already become very popular on various social media and music platforms. Meanwhile, he has received a verified artist base and pages on various music platforms. Sukhdev Balai ( Sukhdev khapa) is a social worker, environmental lover, music lover, music artist, musician, blogger, YouTuber and director, and producer!! It is time for him to work on his own YouTube channel and international music platform like Spotify, Jiosaavn, Amazon Music, AppleMusic, Soundcloud, etc.

“After all, he is proud to be an Indian verified musician. However, it was not easy for this young man to come up with beautiful colors by being a YouTuber, and an artist. He left nothing to keep the ball rolling while he was seen as the best man in the market. He kept his music open and made sure to do well in the industry as well. While delivering different types of songs and videos on various topics, she has kept her journey smooth with her unique talent. He has proven to the world that he is a good man in music and other technologies that will make him a winner in the mainstream media. The musician Sukhdev khapa has received verified badges on all musical platforms.



Welcome to your new favorite song

If you are looking for the best in top-quality music, mouthwatering vocals, and fantastic lyrics, you have arrived at the right place.

As soon as you start playing the incredible single “Down Crazy” by Gigi Vega, the vocalist will take your breath away with her wonderful voice.

The beautiful and highly skilled artist dominates the song, which runs for two minutes and thirty-two seconds.

From beginning to end, you will be mesmerized by Gigi Vega’s perfect vocal  performance.

So, if you enjoy listening to music hotter than the sun, “Down Crazy” is the one for you.

Without further ado, there is no other tune you are currently streaming this season that comes close to the fantastic track from Gigi Vega.

The singer appears after the five-second intro with the following lyrics:

These days / We’ve been on a roll /

We don’t got to take it slow, baby. /

Just can’t get enough /

I know that you want it all /

Cause you hit me on the low, baby /

Just me and my off whites /

Oh no, you don’t gotta pour me nada /

Gotta gech’yo bag, /

Make it fast  /

Love me harder /

But I ain’t tripp’n, baby /

Put your body on me boy./

She then moved into the wonderful chorus, which is so catchy that it will stay in your head for days after hearing it the first time.

Without a doubt, she elevates the music production by bringing a next-level vocal performance to it.

You can now listen to “Down Crazy” everywhere, including Spotify. And don’t forget to check out the official music video via YouTube.

Link to the official music video:

Link to the single:

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