One of the most widely used messaging apps in the world, WhatsApp, is developing a ground-breaking new feature that will let users of iPhones and Android devices to create photos of themselves using Meta AI. The goal of this project is to elevate personalisation and enhance the user experience.

Users of WhatsApp—which is accessible on both the iPhone and Android platforms—will be able to select from a variety of Llama designs for AI conversations. The standard Llama 3-70B model is an option for consumers who want to make quick and easy requests. Alternatively, customers will be able to choose the sophisticated model Llama 3-405B for more complicated inquiries.

Users of iPhones and Android devices will need to snap a series of setup shots for the new feature. Meta AI will then analyse these photos to provide precise and customised images. With the Meta AI settings, users will have complete control over this feature, including the option to remove specified photos at any moment.

An Important META Integrated Change Has Been Made to WhatsApp for Android and iPhone Devices

WhatsApp is dedicated to continuously enhancing the user experience for both Android and iPhone users, and this new feature is unmistakable evidence of that commitment.

WhatsApp prioritises the privacy of its users. Because the “Imagine me” command is handled independently and the resulting image is automatically shared in the chat, Meta AI will not be able to read other messages. This guarantees the protection of Android and iPhone users’ privacy.

This is an optional feature that users must manually activate. To utilise this feature, one must access their settings and snap the required setup pictures.

WhatsApp keeps adding cutting-edge technologies to enhance its offerings for users of iPhones and Android phones. The software offers a new means for users to express their identities in the digital world and makes a significant advancement in personalising the user experience with the aid of Meta AI.

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