After social media users started sharing screenshots of the feature, Instagram announced that it is testing unskippable adverts. According to instructional material shown in the Instagram app, these new ad breaks will display a countdown meter that prevents users from seeing other content on the app until they view the ad.

With this modification, the social network would look like YouTube’s free version more-which forces viewers to watch advertisements both before and during content. It seems natural that Instagram would think about taking this approach as well, since the social media platform has evolved over time to become more of a venue for sharing videos rather than just still images, owing to features like Stories and Reels.

“We consistently test formats that can generate value for advertisers,” a representative from Meta informed TechCrunch. They said, “We will provide updates as we test and learn, should this test result in any formal product changes.”

Instagram app user Dan Levy was the first to notice the new “ad break” feature. He shared a screenshot of the test to his account on X. Levy claimed that the software prevented him from scrolling past the advertisement when it showed up, which he considered a “bonkers move.”

You’re seeing an ad break. This is the message you’ll see if you click the info icon next to the ad break on Reddit, according to a follow-up post. Instagram has introduced a new ad type called ad breaks. You might occasionally have to watch an advertisement before continuing to browse.

Several commenters claimed to having occasionally seen the feature as well. As one can expect, most of the responses were negative. When they saw “ad breaks” like this on Instagram, some users vowed to close the app, while others declared they would never use it again. Commenters also questioned whether this choice was made at the expense of the customer experience in an attempt to boost ad engagement.

Instagram declined to comment on whether the feature was being tested internationally and where in the Instagram app the ad breaks appear. However, the screenshots demonstrate the commercial gaps that occur when viewing video content in the app’s Feed. Whether Instagram creators will have any control over the presentation of these ads is unclear at this time.

Although the functionality is still just under testing, it shows how far Meta is prepared to go in order to enhance ad income by experimenting with the app’s core user experience.

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