Through the Google Play Beta Programme, WhatsApp is updating to version with a new firmware.

The ‘Video Message Reply,’ which enables users to quickly reply to video messages, is the update’s main feature.

This function is now available to a limited number of beta testers, but it will soon be made available to more users.

‘Video Message Reply’ simplifies user interaction

For some beta testers, the ‘Video Message Reply’ feature—which was seen in the most recent WhatsApp beta update—adds a shortcut next to video messages.

By enabling users to instantly react to particular video messages without having to manually access the message menu or make a gesture before recording a new video reply, this shortcut expedites the reply process.

Quick reply enhances user experience

Reacting to video messages is now quicker and easier with the addition of the ‘Video Message Reply’ shortcut.

Instead of having to take the several steps necessary to cite a specific video message with a new video note, users can now answer fast with a video message by only tapping the shortcut.

It is anticipated that more users will soon be able to access this feature.

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