She’s a super-hot successful fashion model with a degree in Psychology — so isn’t it about time we all got schooled about Gilda Joelle Osborn? Meet the 28-year-old model:

How did you get your start?

I moved to Miami in early 2016, hoping to get signed by an agency. I was told no by every agency in town within the first few months of living there. I was at the point of wanting to move back home, but I decided to go to Wilhelmina’s open call one more time, and they offered me a contract on the spot!

How did you end up at Auburn University?

Being from Alabama, the typical college choice is The University of Alabama or Auburn University. I visited both schools, but I loved the small-town feel that Auburn has. It’s a beautiful campus. It’s called The Loveliest Village on the Plains for a reason!

How did you get into modelling?

My mom did a little modeling when she was in her early 20s, so I’ve always had the seed planted in my head that I wanted to give it a shot one day.

When did you start your Instagram page?

I first created my account in 2011. For modeling/work purposes, I began actively posting in 2016.

A lot of people hate influencers. What kind of feedback do you get from the industry?

I have had positive feedback from those who interact with my account. I enjoy using my platform to promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I believe it’s obvious to your followers if your content is genuine and aligns with your brand.

How do brands know the return they’re getting when they pay you to post?

I have a strong discovery (reach and impressions) numbers on my account. Sharing those numbers, along with engagement rate, with brands is the best way to show return.

Do you do more brand collaborations on Instagram Feed or Instagram Stories?

I’ve done more brand collaborations on my Instagram Stories.

Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur?

Yes! In my industry, I know that you must have certain qualities to set you apart from others. Determination is key, and having a business-mindset is so important. I also know that sometimes taking a risk is necessary.

Do you find that men are threatened by you because you’re a strong woman?

First off, I want to say that I think men who have a strong sense of self appreciate and admire strong women rather than feel threatened by them. That being said, I have encountered men who I feel have been intimidated by me. In those cases, I believe the feelings of intimidation have come from a place of insecurity.

Instagram: @Gildajoelle

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