The Chickasha baseball initiative made one additional move.

In Kevin James’ two seasons as head coach, the Fightin’ Chicks have advanced, and this week they made yet another advancement. The Fightin’ Chicks won a Class 4A regional championship by going 3-0 on Wednesday and Thursday.

Chickasha defeated Weatherford twice and Seminole once to win the championship. The Fightin’ Chicks won the Chickasha title by defeating Weatherford 7-2 and 13-2 after defeating Seminole 10-0.

Furthermore, throughout the previous few seasons, advancements similar to the one Chickasha just made have happened frequently.

Chickasha saw success in 2022, winning a three-game postseason bi-district series before losing in the subsequent regional championship. Then there was a jump.

The Fightin’ Chicks finished second in the district in a tiebreaker after reaching the 30-win milestone and tying for the best district record during the regular season. Before finishing its season in that competition, the team won a regional championship and swept its bi-district series.

And now that there isn’t a bi-district series, Chickasha advanced farther by winning all of the regional games this year after placing second in District 4A-4. The Fightin’ Chicks, who are the regional winners, are only two victories away from competing in the Class 4A state championship.

It’s unclear who or where Chickasha will play, but it will play next week along with its opponent. State is reached by the first team with two victories.

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