The family week is presently taking place on Bigg Boss 16, and in the most recent episode, Shiv Thakare’s mother, Priyanka Choudhary’s brother, and Archana Gautam’s brother entered the house. Currently, the promo can be seen with the entrance of MC Stan’s mother and Nimrit’s father.

The most recent information we have is that Tina’s mother entered the residence today as well, but something went wrong. Tina’s mother accidentally gave Sreejita a hug from behind as she entered the house thinking she was Tina. Sreejita becomes upset. Her mother eventually realised it and now watches out for Tina. She is in the outdoor space.

In the end, Bigg Boss releases Sreejita. She meets Tina’s mother in the garden area, but she gave her a chilly embrace.

The catfight between Tina and Sreejita has consistently occurred in the BB House. The audience has known there is strife between them ever since Sreejita re-entered the BB house. Recently, Tina Datta was referred to as a “Male attention seeker” by Sreejita in a conversation with Soundarya Sharma.

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