Artists big or small, need a recording label, studio, or agency to give their best. In other words, a recording label with an expert staff and quality measurements plays an important role in an artist’s career. 

They can be higher than your expectations. Carrying the same dream to help musical artists (starters or settled) in flying high, Dae Jones is a great name in the music industry presenting her own recording label AhFirm.

About AhFirm

AhFirm is a recording label/studio which is presented to the clients as a Boutique Label. What do you think it means? The answer is simple. As a boutique designs every cloth style per its customer, AhFirm will compose every bit of the product according to its creator. At AhFirm, they strongly believe that one can be whatever they put their minds to and AHFrim is there to fulfill regarding the minds of musical artists. 

It can help an artist in marketing, new product development, Business or Financial Consulting, and Artist’s Personal Development. AhFirm provides the best of best resources and platforms an artist needs to take their career to the next level. These all resources will play a huge role in an artist’s personal development, self-expression, and creativity. Moreover, they offer limitless facilities for song composing, audience targeting, marketing, financial aid, image nourishing, etc.  

About Company’s CEO

Dae Jones is currently the CEO and president of AhFirm. Original name Sade Grant, is a strong, wild, and versatile personality possessing the absolute traits of singer, rapper, songwriter, businesswoman, and mother. Living in Cabrini Green Native, Chicago, Dae Jones has already succeeded in the music world with her vocal as well as beauty charms. She started with a music career and gave some amazing hits to the industry. Her singles such as Bad Bitch, Waves, Cash App, and Bad Bytch 2 made a blast among the listeners. Her song Cash App was used for the popular Amazon Prime movie Panic. Giving back to back amazing songs, Dae was mentioned as the Bet Next Star in 2019.      

However, Dae took a step back from her own musical career to give artists opportunities that she couldn’t have. As an artist herself Dae knows what artists require from himself/herself and the signing label. With AhFirm, Dae plans to provide those requirements to her customers and align the universe with a lot of new stars.       

Besides being the CEO of recording label AhFirm, Dae Jones is the founder and director of her hats+hair line My Snap N Go.  

Seeing such strong powerful women really lifts the spirit of other women. Dae Jones made herself a perfect personality possessing beauty, wildness, and talents. She is ideal for young women. Her journey has not ended yet. She has many things up her sleeves. For any upcoming news regarding her, you can follow her on Instagram @daejones.

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