Managing a home is no easy task. Most people find it a herculean task to keep a tight budget, cut down on expenses, and increase their savings. With rising political turmoil, the recent pandemic, and economic upheavals, how does one improve and secure their financial status, without having to let go of things they love and need? Tina Su, the founder of Free Stuff Finder, set out to answer this question 10 years ago. Today, she has not only improved her financial status and her saving capacity, but she is also helping countless people experience financial stability through her venture.

“A nice dinner on a Friday evening is highly desirable. However, the costs attached could derail the smooth functioning of the family.” says Tina. Must one let go of life’s little joys? “Not at all,” says Tina. “with a little bit of effort, one can strike a good balance between financial stability and a fulfilling life.”

Tina’s answer to a better life came when she discovered couponing and when she learned how to shop strategically when things are at their lowest price. She started to take these coupons seriously, and to her surprise, she saw the dollar saving potential of the discount coupons. Slowly and steadily, she worked her way to understanding the methods to use coupons, and she was soon getting more bang for her buck.

Being a mindful person, Tina decided to help others to reap the benefits of discounts and coupons. Soon her company, Free Stuff Finder, was born. For millions of people, Free Stuff Finder is the go-to place to save money on shopping. The website and the mobile app aggregate all deals and discounts on brands across retail outlets and restaurants. Tina’s team does all the hard work for people to easily browse through all available deals and make good use of them.

Tina’s venture that started small became a powerful tool for millions of families during the recent Covid-19 crisis. Many who lost their jobs were left with little or nothing to provide for their families. Free Stuff Finder helped people to get by through tough times by helping them shop wisely, get more for their money, and also save. “We cannot imagine what we would have done without the help of Free Stuff Finder,” says one satisfied user.

As the world is getting more and more complex, new ways to survive and thrive are taking shape in our societies. Free Stuff Finder is one good example of this fact. It stands as a symbol of hope to millions of families trying to make ends meet. Tina’s contribution to our times is truly an inspiring story.

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