Google Home fans, prepare. You’re taking a gander at the altogether new Nest-branded smart speaker made a beeline for you for 2020 – likely an update to the first Google Home finally.

In the wake of being spotted at the FCC with the name GXCA6, Android Police and others got hold of an official Google photograph. Google has freely affirmed with CNET this is in reality an up and coming Google gadget.

Lamentably, the FCC recording doesn’t have numerous subtleties and Google didn’t give us a particulars, so everything beneath is theory from administrative archives.

The planning bodes well – recall that, we got another Nest Mini a year ago, with sound upgrades and other gradual updates.

The speaker being referred to has additionally been reported with a Japanese controller, spotted by Twitter account Android TV Guide, and that database offers a couple of more alludes to exactly what we may be getting.

What is this new Google gadget?

The speaker is alluded to as an “interactive media streaming device,” which seems like an extravagant method of saying “smart speaker.” Included record photographs show it has the recognizable texture covering of past speakers, however a very different profile.

This texture folds right over the gadget, recommending that it may stand vertically when being used – Google’s authentic photograph authenticates that, as well.

In the tweet, a photograph next to a ruler demonstrates that the speaker is about 8.7 inches (220mm) long, making it very tall for the shrewd speaker line, and about 5.9 inches (150mm) wide.

Documentation additionally affirms that there will be Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capacities, and a 30-watt DC power flexibly. There’s still no evident USB-C port or assistant input.

Different highlights are recognizable, similar to the silicone base and the G logo most of the way up the back of the speaker. A quiet switch is likewise obvious in the photographs.

How can it fit into the Google Nest arrangement?

It’s been a long time since the main Google Home smart
speaker, and we’ve seen a few from that point forward, including the Home Mini, Nest Mini and Home Max, just as the development of keen shows, for example, the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max. We’re additionally expecting an Android TV dongle from Google this year, supposedly code-named Sabrina.

When will this new Google Nest go on sale?

We don’t have particulars, yet we can sort out certain signs. Notwithstanding the official Google photograph up top, Google additionally presented this sneak look of “what the Nest team is working on from home.”

Usually, we could hope to see another speaker at Google’s yearly I/O developer conference, normally held in May. Since it was dropped due to the coronavirus, it’s impossible to say when Google dispatches the new speaker.

The way that an official advertising photograph exists proposes we could get more subtleties soon, maybe with an official declaration in the fall, when we additionally expect Android 11 for phones.

What amount could Google’s new Nest Home cost?

Our informed estimate is this could be one of the more costly Google speakers, thinking about its size. The Nest Mini retails for $49 (in spite of the fact that Google normally limits the modest keen speaker, and organizations like Spotify regularly part with it for nothing with an premium subscription), so we expect it’ll cost more than that.

The first Google Home speaker is not, at this point accessible at the Google Store, however when it was it retailed for $99 (in spite of the fact that it, as well, could once in a while be had at a rebate).

It’s presumably a sorry jump to expect this new speaker is planned to supplant the first, so we’d be shocked if Google set it excessively far off from that $99 value point however not at the degree of the Nest Hub Max, which has a screen and retails for $229.

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