Fans believed that Dhoni’s lone appearance in the video, coupled with the emotive background score, was a hint or guarantee that the superstar would depart from the IPL.

MS Dhoni is he retiring? Has he made up his mind yet? Has Dhoni already competed in the 2017 IPL? When Chennai Super Kings shared an emotional video of their captain along with a four-word tweet, numerous questions were raised in the comments from fans all around the nation. The post left fans gasping for breath as them looked and asked for answers from the franchise on Tuesday evening.

CSK released a video of Dhoni on Tuesday evening with the caption, “Oh Captain, My Captain!” Images of Dhoni from the 2023 IPL season were placed on the 33-second film of him running up the steps to the pavilion.

Looking for a response? Circumstantially, as you can see, it is the ideal time to make my retirement announcement. However, with the amount of support and affection I have had wherever I have been this year, it would be simple for me to thank everyone, but it will be difficult for me to work hard for another nine months so that I may return and play in at least one more IPL season. I have 6-7 months to make a decision, and a lot relies on the body. It’s not simple for me, but it will be more like a gift from my end. The way they’ve shown their love and affection, I think that’s something I need to do for them,” he said.


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