All of us have been there. We have experienced information overload. But what is it? Information overload is the difficulty in understanding an issue and making decisions when you have too much information about an issue. But this is a thing of the past. What’s even more dangerous is the ‘Disinformation Overload’.

The overload of deliberately created false information is known as disinformation overload. To mend this widespread evil in society, on 17th February 2019, Times of New York came into being.

Times of New York is an online news media portal that has appeared on the bigger picture much recently. It was started almost two years ago with the sole focus of its founders being to ‘kill disinformation’ and to take a more simple and informative stance on stories.

The primary idea behind Times of New York was picked up and received with great enthusiasm and excitement by the readers because deep down everyone was tired of too much conflicting information from various sources. Times of New York made the job easy.

If you’re unaware of the most recent happenings in the world of business, technology, politics, sports, is the right place to go. If you’re confused because there’s too much conflicting information out there, once again, you need to visit the Times of New York website.

Within a short span of time, the media outlet has accomplished phenomenal viewership milestones bringing in over a hundred thousand in reader traffic monthly in the initial quarter following its launch. After 1 year and 10 months of successful reporting, Times of New York intends to take no break. The ambition of the news publication is to selflessly report the facts and create a distinction in a world that is increasingly run by propaganda-driven media houses.

As Former President of Estonia Toomas Hendrik said: “Fake news is cheap to produce. Facts and genuine journalism are expensive”, there’s a high probability that he was hinting towards an emerging and on-the-rise online news portal on the internet named Times of New York.

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