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The mixing process is one of the most difficult arts, and the approaches are different in each project. But in the following, he will share the main points of mixing and mastering that we have personally experienced and familiarity with them can help you. The mixing process is very complex – a combination of art and science, creativity and technology. Even the most experienced people in the field of mixing are always looking for new methods and different approaches, and are constantly looking for new ideas.

Mastering We will examine the following.

Use of studio monitors

Use the right environment in the mixing process

Focus during work and mixing process

Prevent Overload on Channels

Use of penning in the mixing process

Create depth in the mixing process

How to use processors

Re-master the main mix line

Use suitable studio monitors

Naturally, you need a good pair of studio monitor speakers, try not to rely on headphones or even high quality speakers. High-quality speakers are usually designed to transmit sounds better on their own, while for a mix, you need a frequency response that clearly shows all your flaws in the mix so you can spot them. Listen well and fix them.

Notable point

In addition, technically, the experience you get with listening to headphones will be different from the speaker. The difference is that when you mix only with headphones, you usually do not get a good sound (especially in terms of shape and clarity) when playing it on the speakers. The mixing process basically has to be done using studio monitors, and from time to time you can use headphones and other speakers (which are less accurate) to check again to make sure the sound is playing well on other devices.

Make sure your room does not interfere with your work

Before you start mixing, consider the main points of mixing and mastering, and of course you should make sure that the room in which you work does not prevent you from achieving the desired results. The acoustics of a typical room generally create a lot of barriers to clear sound reaching your ears, which can cause the mixer to make a mistake and make changes instead of fixing their work room problems. Created in the mix that he thinks he is fixing the flaws of the mix,

But as a result, it has a much worse effect when the mix is ​​heard in other rooms (which do not have such problems).

What is Standing View?

Standing waves are irregularities observed in the base response (caused by low frequency echoes) that occur only in certain parts of the room. To solve such cases, if possible, physical methods can be used, such as Bass Trap, or at least the location of the monitors and the golden dot (main listening point) should be moved to another location so that these problems are not at least there (there are many solutions that Through them, these problems can be solved).

Echoing frequencies in the middle and high can cause problems such as Slap Echo, Flutter Echo and Comb Filtering, which can eventually change the color of the sound to the point where wrong decisions can be made, which can result in EQ and effects such as Delay (like Chorusing, etc.) as well as the use of Reverb and Ambience are very effective. Absorvative walls can be used to prevent such problems

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