Mohammad Saeid Moala was born on February 29, 1992 in Ahvaz.

Mohammad Saeed is also a sports coach in addition to arranging and making beats, and he has been working professionally in sports for more than 12 years. Mohammad Saeid Moala gives some points about the characteristics of the voice:

The most important feature of musical sounds is their pitch.

Sound features have four important parts:

1) Height or pitch of sounds: which is actually the same property of sounds for which other terms are also used. Sounds that are thinner are called “sub” and sounds that are thicker are called “bam”. Also, in the written line of music, the symbol used to indicate pitch is called “note”.

2) Intensity or strength: The difference in strength and weakness between two sounds is called “intensity”. This means that voices may be stronger and weaker than each other, for example, the voice of a person who speaks softly is weaker than a person who speaks loudly.

3) Delay or tension: the difference between a long sound and a short sound is called “delay” in terms of time. In simpler words, when a sound is present and heard.

4) Resonance or sound color: The quality that shows the same sound of two dissimilar instruments like violin and piano differently is called “resonance” or “sound color”. Or, in simpler words, the characteristic by which we can distinguish different sounds.

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