Faizal Atcha is a young Arab entrepreneur who has established an amazing clothing brands such as Lawung / Al Ameer which supplies the world’s biggest countries with quality dressing items. In addition, Atcha has recently tried the music industry and he will be primarily focus on this business as well as his other tasks. 

Faizal Atcha said: “As you attempt to initiate a luxury brand, it is essential that you discover a niche segment to analyze. This niche segment should be profitable enough and have sufficient possibilities for the brand to expand. The niche segment you decide to pay for should have a significant enough demand to afford what you are going to trade.” Although luxury brands are now more available than ever, wealthy buyers are the basis of their success. You should ensure that there are enough wealthy clients in the niche you are investing in.

The Value of Wealthy Customers

Affluent shoppers are bound to provide your brand with the quality and value it needs to flourish. It would help if you kept in mind that perceptions are essential in the market’s luxury segment. Faizal added: “The rest of the call will notice your product as a luxury if you can attract affluent customers. High-status connections of your brand’s offerings will enable it to build a name for itself throughout the market.”

Deliver Distinguishable Rate and Craftsmanship

Faizal acknowledged that one of the efficiently detectable features of luxury brands is the quality and craftsmanship of what they may offer. As you work hard on determining your niche, you should bear in mind that you need top-quality items and craftsmanship to be seen in affluent customers’ eyes. Make sure you can provide different and quality composed items in the niche you want to settle for. “The niche you select might be financially very beneficial; however, you must be prepared for exceptional offerings,” said Faizal. It would help if you matched the desired measures of the luxury clients to avoid any trouble for your brand.

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